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  1. First concert Airplane and Richie Havens Wall Stadium NJ 1971.
  2. I agree iron pyrite.
  3. That is very cool.
  4. A Gem!
  5. Interesting
  6. Umm Umm Good
  7. Sometimes I feel like I've been tied to the whipping post.
  8. Thanks,PhilDMorris &bottle-bud.
  9. The devil made me do it!
  10. I remember those and the days before bar codes.
  11. Thanks Facon61 neat video.
  12. Sorry can' t find
  13. One on Etsy
  14. I think its C L G, Carr Lowrey Glass Company looks like teens early 1920s cork top med bottle purple tint would be sun exposure to glass ingredients,
  15. Any marks on bottom?
  16. long live the regiment that proudly calls itself Court Gneisenau
  17. Love the mesh purse.
  18. Vynil. Thats crazy, big elp fan. saw 3 times in 70s Best was Carnegie Hall 1971, only time they played Pictures at an exhibition on that leg of US tour.
  19. Maybe J R Watkins. Produced Medicines Extracts more.
  20. Has the dawn ever seen your eyes Have the days made you so unwise.
  21. Interesting history.
  22. Watchsearcher, Thanks for comment
  23. See A.G Chipperfield Wikipedia Aussie rulby.
  24. Not milk glass, not sure of material .Saw same one online. thats where i got 1940s.Thanks for the look.
  25. Looks like a ww 2 usaf crash ax.
  26. Great story and piece.
  27. No expert, rich history 0f Caroline pottery, also google Poole pottery antique cat. looks somewhat familiar, fits earliest time line, worth investigatin lol
  28. I love that cat, Where were your grandparents from?
  29. One word. Sweet!
  30. Have another hit of sweet California sunshine
  31. Lucky to see both Mountain and West Bruce & Lang, early 70s
  32. Mind if I post some where else, just curious
  33. French army pilot officer wings 1934, Antiques de laval,com
  34. I was thinking Gumby, must be getting old.
  35. What's the mark on bottom, same as insert? hard to see.
  36. Stunning!!!
  37. The Night Tripper
  38. Got to see in 1972 NYC. still play their music today.
  39. fill er up
  40. Military uniform trading cards on ebay
  41. If you go to Graco home page they have historic product catalog, good luck
  42. margaret or walter keane ?
  43. No expert racoon mt is on ebay
  44. Maude, one eye hazel one eye blue I'am still in love with you. Hope she had a happy life. Read her bio. Thanks for post TNPicker.
  45. I'am in love,what color are her eyes?
  46. C00l,excellent condition.
  47. Very nice
  48. Looks like a Case knife.
  49. The torch, the colors of the Italian flag?
  50. A frame saw aka pit saw. saw similar one at LumberJocks woodworking forum.
  51. See more