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German art - Animalsin Animals
Early rocking horse - Animalsin Animals
"Lawyers" Desk???? - Furniturein Furniture
Need help with Hallmark - Silverin Silver
Vintage quilt...best way to restore - Folk Artin Folk Art
Dogs with no markings - Figurinesin Figurines
Child in High Chair ~ no markings - Figurinesin Figurines
Donald Duck Pocket watch ~ Box only - Pocket Watchesin Pocket Watches
Not sure what this was used for?? 
Know the pin cushion is new, but what about the pins? - Sewingin Sewing


  1. I haven’t found any markings, names etc.. unless it’s on the back of desk and I haven’t pulled it away from wall yet
  2. I have searched and STILL can't find another similar or any info..anyone know anything about this piece???
  3. Help---still can't find any info on these...anyone know anything ???
  4. I am still trying to find information on this basket...have searched all over the internet with no luck...anyone- any thoughts
  5. Still trying to find anything about these...anyone- any thoughts
  6. Thank you so much for all the info. I'll work on it!
  7. Thanks for your suggestions. Not sure that regular washing will remove yellowing, so didn't know if there is some special detergent I should use (not bleach as I don't want the blue faded). Maybe I'm ...
  8. Tall Cakes...any thoughts???
  9. Are you still looking for a Donald Duck pocket watch box...I've been researching for a price to sell one
  10. anyone know anything about these???
  11. Several for sale on Ebay, too
  12. Anyone have any input
  13. Thank you...I have now found others!!
  14. Help...I still cant find anything else like this one...Have been searching all basket links..Need to find out more about this basket a.s.a.p.
  15. Used a different eye loop - it " K & CO" stamped on the bottom...still havent found another like it or any info
  16. Gillian- I know about Kingfield- it's a neighboring town, but thank you...Artist is Charles Sawyer. ho2cultcha- Thank you, I have read many articles about him...really looking for another of same pri...
  17. I believe this is hand (tinted) painted photo. All the others I have seen are described as "hand tinted"
  18. This photo is Kingfield, Maine....I have Googled everything I could think of...any help out there??
  19. I have one also and have seen them on Ebay. Mine was my Mothers and she used it occasionally
  20. I just found another one- same style, but all one color on Ebay..as a bookend, but haven't found another like this one..Still researching
  21. I don't think they are for ties...too small and difficult to open the pin..not a clip on back.
  22. A brush to keep by the fireplace..to sweep ashes back into the fire????
  23. I don't know what it is or was used for. I believe the cotton was added more recently by my daughter who put some perfume on it.
  24. Thanks so much for the info. Now I have actually found others like it.
  25. Thanks Phil...found another like it on Ebay..looks the same as one for sale advertised as a Packard flying swan from 1959. Also found the model # inside mine: 151310 and CB 22052 44874. Not sure wha...
  26. Thanks for all your information..I will continue researching the links you suggested.
  27. Yes...I have used a flashlight, but the only label inside is from : Repairs by R.A. Cota, Lewiston, Maine, 1924
  28. I have a couple like it, too. For years, I used one on my kitchen stove (wood)- just to put steam in the air. Mine was not rusty inside.
  29. Thanks...I was away all winter and am now just getting back into this site..love it...Thanks for sharing and I will go and research the links again.
  30. Oh yes...I still have it...or I should say, my husband does.
  31. Do you know what they would have used this item for?
  32. I just noticed there is an initial on the bottom...looks like a "K" in an larger oval ..with possibly an R on left and 0o on right inside oval....any ideas what that stamp is???? Wish I new some his...
  33. Thank-you..upon researching more, I thought it was a bookend. Will need to research more now and find out more info. There are no holes on back to attach to the wall...will have to check that out.
  34. Perfect...I found them.
  35. Could be with a plug in bottom...thank-you
  36. DOn't think toothpicks would work..slit in the back is too small to reach in. Thanks for the thought/idea...anyone else?????
  37. Similar, but not the same..I don't think it's 200 years old either...will have to keep searching. Thanks
  38. I am saddened that no one knows anything about this watch.
  39. No markings at all. It MUST have some meaning ...
  40. Thanks- Very interesting - wonder whatever happened to the Donald Duck watch???? Will have to find some one who needs the D.D. box to go with their boxless watch.
  41. Thank-you for all the info....
  42. I believe it's a plant stand, too...put it in your front hall with a big bowl to collect gloves, mittens, keys etc....
  43. Might have been used on the door of a store..to push open the door .Screwed on..then could be changed
  44. For popouri..dried flowers to scent the air...justr a guess, but that's what I'd do with it. I think it would be too short for flowers..they woud be too top heavy
  45. Thanks-I'll keep searching for info.
  46. Have rechecked the hallmars- definetly Albert Coles. Thanks for all the info.
  47. App. 15" tall and 5" across. We are from Maine, but not sure where my Mom had found it.
  48. All the photos are the same piece...think it was meant to take the inner cover off- put the top cover on and the aroma of whatever was in the jar would permeate the room...then put the two cover s bac...
  49. Thanks for all the info. I don't think she ever had a train set, but a nephew did...I treaure them and think they are fun to have.
  50. Do they have any value now?
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Vintage Berkel Slicer


posted 53 years ago