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  1. From the PC796 series. In much better shape this is a $5k+ postcard. I know next to nothing about card grading, but I'd assume this couldn't be more than a PSA 1, if that.
  2. Oops, I meant Marines!
  3. Looks like Navy to me, but not sure on date.
  4. I don't believe what you're looking at is actually gum. It sounds like the discs are cardboard, and just came packaged with some gum: "Round player portrait discs about the size of a silver dollar...
  5. Modern (2012) limited edition set:
  6. I tried to do a bit of sleuthing, but I could not find anything either. Have you tried contacting the Lenawee County Historical Society ( in Adrian? They may have a list ...
  7. Here in NH we now have constitutional carry, so you can carry from Vermont to New Hampshire to Maine without any permit.
  8. Thanks for the links Oroyoroyisthatyourhorse!
  9. Interesting. This came with a collection of images taken by a family vacationing at a cabin on Cobbett's Pond, so I do believe this was taken on the pond. I have never seen another image of this boat ...
  10. I think it should be on a per item basis. There are thousands of pieces of ephemera that are common and/or completely worthless. Much of these are pieces that may otherwise be thrown out if it were no...
  11. Definitely shot with a pellet gun like you suggested in your description.
  12. It's a stereoview, not a negative.
  13. "53" as a number appears to show up twice in the document, so I am assuming it is of some importance. I think the last four characters, on the bottom line, say something about the country of China. Th...
  14. What other markings on the bottom? There looks to be an "SL P..." to the right of the patent date. With information of the patentee you would be able to find the patent and that may describe how the b...
  15. Wooden cigar box someone added decorations and the wood insert to at some point long ago.
  16. It's a watchman's clock. As a guard made his rounds he would find a key at various checkpoints. The key would have a number on it. He would insert each key into the keyhole in the clock where it would...
  17. Thanks Bobby!
  18. LOL! Should've left them in the ground. Then I wouldn't need to spend sleepless nights worrying about being burglarized!
  19. I think it's a key tag, not a dog tag. Most dog tags of that period have a unit number and not an address.
  20. You can date real photo postcards based on the design of the stamp box on the back. Here is the link to the best website for doing so:
  21. Here's the link again: For $8.99 you can buy one...
  22. It looks like someone found an antique Dr. Pepper ad (that was missing some of the left border), mounted it on a piece of paper, and sketched in the missing part.
  23. I believe the idea was to have people collect the cards in order to fill the albums. The Nazi party had an anti-tobacco platform, but producing the cards allowed the larger tobacco manufacturers to re...
  24. They were meant to be part of a book, likely "Kampf um's Dritte Reich". I've had a complete book in the past and it really is an interesting set. Here is a link to give you an idea of what the book wo...
  25. SpiritBear, I think I am glad some of their predictions did not come true; especially the flying fish and sea monster shown in the card.
  26. Thanks everyone for looking.
  27. Thanks Sean!
  28. Thanks Drill. The label is of S M Lanathan of Lowell, MA. The label indicates that he was also a shoemaker. I'll definitely give the mink oil and saddle soap a try.
  29. It's the Miller Covered Bridge in Brandon, VT
  30. Thanks, I'll be sure to check it out!
  31. Did you use a photo editor to reverse the writing on the original piece? It appears to be done "normally" rather than "flipped across a vertical axis" as it would need to be to produce an imprint.
  32. Thanks Scott, as someone commented previously (not sure where the comment went) the inscription originally gave the age of the girl. It reads "...ars old". Its unfortunate that someone apparently pull...
  33. PostCardCollector, I agree with you. I can't help but to imagine what life was like for her as a young girl in the 1850s.
  34. Thanks Scott, I added a photo of the entire back. I updated the photo of the front to a less cropped version (you may need to open the image in a new window to see the edges on both). It is not a very...
  35. Definitely Chinese, I recognized a few numbers and one or two other characters, but I believe it is traditional Chinese. If you are able to correctly "draw" the characters on a computer or phone, Goog...
  36. Thanks for the help! The word in the middle that was crossed out is "the plaintiff" so I am assuming the "subscriber" was the defendant in a court case.
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