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Mdina glass - Art Glassin Art Glass
Minerals - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Liquer decanter set? - Glasswarein Glassware
One of a kind? - Tobaccianain Tobacciana


  1. Grasshopper!
  2. Hilarious. So naughty.
  3. Trippy, man.
  4. Just emailed you...don't let the mail address confuse you, my name's not Patrick.
  5. I had to download the images to zoom, thanks, Walksoftly. Seems like you've been following this one for nearly seven months....how curious are you to know more?
  6. C'est la-vie. Just googled images of Harpers Ferry, it looks kinda like a South Tyrol town from the air. Nice and green. I've got some free time next week, I'll find out who's best to contact an...
  7. I forgot to mention in my last post that it was the hat I wanted to point out. Too many coincidences, wouldn't you agree?
  8. I had told you before I found the first image that the head was 'throwing me off' a bit, I've been thinking about it ever since...you have no idea how much I would love to see it in front of me! I j...
  9. Hey Flowerchild, found you another one, they're popping up everywhere now.. (6, including yours) http://www.heritagemalta.org/sites/takola/takolacoll.html The head part is looking more like yours...
  10. I live in Malta (UK born), I'll try to visit the museum next week, it's been on my agenda for a while, I'll see if I can get some pics of the other three and maybe try to get a lead on anyone who migh...
  11. From what I've found out, I don't think anyone here is sure of their origins. They may have, and most probably did, come from somewhere in mainland Europe. The ones ( they have 4 at the Falson Museu...
  12. Il-baqra translates as 'the cow'. Seriously, this item could have some serious age to it.
  13. This IS what it is!!! Boooya...who's the man, baby? http://www.palazzofalson.com/palazzofalson/collection_detail.aspx?id=78751 Please don't tell me that isn't the same thing!
  14. I don't know if this might help...scroll down to the 1530 section http://ressources.ciheam.org/om/pdf/c41/99600122.pdf I've come across a few references to the traditional Maltese meal - Fenkata ...
  15. I can't tell you what this is, but I can tell you I have seen images of something really similar; It looks like a rabbit stewing pot that was used in Malta 100s of years ago. I've only ever seen one s...
  16. Would love to see that in the sunlight.
  17. I'm drooling...it's so....hot. Tsssss
  18. I think the 2nd line says Berlin, can't make out the name.
  19. Spooky and colourful. I like quirky. Any more and batter pics?
  20. You were close to the back page, thought I'd bump you up to the first, you might find someone to help. Sweet ticker.
  21. Reminds me of that lion cover Santana album. The lions mane and face is full of faces... http://www.moillusions.com/2008/02/santana-album-cover-illusion.html Nice piece
  22. Wow...nice, nice effect. Sorry, can't help you though.
  23. I started from the back page today, I'm glad I did. Your entry is good for two reasons: it's given me an idea on how old this site is...two years? Also, your glass is the first thing that resembles a...
  24. You've got some seriously nice glass, and a lot of it.
  25. Scandi's a woman? And she did? What a nice buzz..he he.
  26. Wow, Ozmarty, do you believe in coincidences? I was checking out your profile after I read your comments on another piece, when I saw your post on mine. Thanks for the help. It was probably bought lo...
  27. I like their older work more. I live in Malta, so there's quite a bit of it around. I saw a lovely signed piece by the late Michael Harris, the original founder, sell for 750 sterling on ebay about ...
  28. $5?? Damn. Nice find, great mantelpiece.
  29. I understood you perfectly...the rim is glass too. The silver around the rim is only 'surface thick' , like the design itself. So I suppose it is gilded (sorry, I'm pretty new to this site - love it- ...
  30. Wow...really! I love glass and minerals - it really does have an agate look- I'm coveting this vase so much...could I borrow her for half an hour? five minutes? ;-)
  31. Thanks Scandi, I've just checked and they're not marked. I was going on what I was told, but after 55years, memories can be sketchy. Then again, it's almost impossible to 'stamp' a hallmark on glass, ...
  32. There's something about the 1920-1950s that is so missing in contemporary styling. Great buy! Sigh...
  33. '...kinda like flying dragons'.....er, I'd kinda like some of what YOU're smoking. Seriously though, love minerals. Got a drawer full, the nephews and nieces love them. Don't sell!
  34. Thanks for link. I've never seen that kind of tag before, yours must be older. I'll upload a few more photos and items when I get a better camera. Thanks for your help and interest, Bellin.
  35. Hi Bellin, I'm not 100% sure (that's why I'm fishin' for info), It doesn't seem like glass...slightly warmer, softer to the touch. No chips or cracks. All I can say is the pics don't do it justice, t...
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