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Tiny Owl - Animalsin Animals
Milford Canadian Friendship Bowl - Art Glassin Art Glass
Modern Iridised Glass dish - Art Glassin Art Glass
Selkirk small vase that matches the colour scheme of our duck - Art Glassin Art Glass
Ancient to modern some things hardly change - Gamesin Games
Beadwork purse - Bagsin Bags
Hidden treasure from a box of ephemera - Music Memorabiliain Music Memorabilia
Who remembers the taste of Meggezones - Advertisingin Advertising
A Biscuit chest of drawers - Advertisingin Advertising
Suitcase for biscuits by Gray Dunn - Advertisingin Advertising


  1. I searched the net for glass owls and found another very similar for sale in England which also displays a single red dot on the head between the ear tufts and the Trail of dark colour from the beak t...
  2. I thought this was a "Bonzo" Study original when I first glanced. Definitely inspired by Bonzo imho
  3. I have a strong suspicion that our bowl is a shell style by JOZEFINA art glass company Krosno Poland but would appreciate any further info
  4. We concur Between the wars was our best guess
  5. The Britiish Pound sterling before decimalization was made up of 240 pennies or 20 shillings 1/9 is one shilling and nine pence or 21 pennies That is equivalent to slightly less than 10 new pence t...
  6. Thanks for all the "Love"
  7. I bought the tank along with two other tanks one being trench art and the third a tin plate toy . Value depends on supply and demand and for rare items like this demand is the governing factor. Who wa...
  8. I am told that this may be Japanese Art Glass. Can anyone identify a maker?
  9. I have altered the pictures to show the Tweenie packaging which was contemporary with "Between The Acts" a similar product
  10. Thank you for this information I have tried to take some shots in subdued lighting with one of the vases illuminated with a UV tube torch and believe I do have a reaction I will swap out a picture for...
  11. Interesting selection! I have as you suggested shone a small uv torch on my Welz vases and do have some cadmium reaction I believe [The little torch is a toy] I will swap the picture just taken with...
  12. These are apparently formed from strands of colour on an amber yellow core with a clear casing and as WOW22 and welzebub have said are typical of Franz Welz [Thank you folks] What attracted us we...
  13. PW-Collector could perhaps add some info on this one? Is there a difference between the Travel-clock and the Automobile versions or were these generic ?
  14. Thanks to PW-Collector for the info on make and year of our Doughboy's watch Closer inspection of the case reveals a feint impressed mark which seems to read PAT'D.APR27 1900 but the last figure co...
  15. I have changed the picture of the internal to show patent data and serial no as requested by pw-collector
  16. BHIFOS yes normally I would agree however there are very few examples on the internet One is polished brass one is natural with the patina of age and the example pictured on the McKechnie History whi...
  17. I think what is prevalent in the area you live depends on who made the pieces and where they found their market. The "Cranberry" colours became fashionable so there was a great deal produced. Green g...
  18. The more I look the more I suspect it is for "Fulling" cloth
  19. It appears to me to be an implement to cause agitation in some sort of finishing process perhaps? I would venture to suggest felting or cloth finishing perhaps hide softening; It may even be a mecha...
  20. The pin extractor is for working on cycle chains and is known as a dual bench model which can be used to adjust tight links and remove rivets for link removal length adjustment etc. These tools are so...
  21. I did not have to look there is a version on utube https://youtu.be/vPCTWJe08Fs
  22. I used to collect marbles and was in a few groups of collectors. Most of these double pontil examples of hand made from the cane show signs of damage. There was a guy in one of the USA groups who was...
  23. Most of those have been tried unsuccessfully unfortunately. I am researching natural release agents at present but nothing has moved it in many years
  24. Anyone have any suggestions on getting the lid out?
  25. If Malkey can add anything it would be wel received!
  26. My mum worked for Wilf Burns and co at the planning dept and they spent months surveying the Quayside. One of the team found the cellar that was stacked full of bottles of many colours and sizes all c...
  27. I saw your post re the other comport dishes and you set me off chasing patterns and ideas. Davidson are from my Birthplace {Gateshead] and I have always gravitated towards their products but then I re...
  28. Thanks for the reminder. The Legras I can find seem to have ground pontils so should I perhaps be looking elsewhere
  29. I had never considered the Japanese possibility Thank you for expanding my world
  30. I have just found this post which is filling in my knowledge I have posted pics of my pair of spatter rose bowls which are remarkably similar to yours apart from the colours and the fact that you hav...
  31. There are two on the bay usa selling as spangle and a similar vase and all are claimed to be S&W however item 2334 in the legras cat is also similar https://www.glas-musterbuch.de/Legras-1898.310......
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Westmoreland Glass bulldog In search of a purpose. Welz glass boot in green Honeycomb decor grandmas marbles Some hand made marbles? Large Marble LEGRAS small rose bowl 1908 Collection Green World's Fair Rose Bowl


Sowerby Essex or Davidson? Uranium Bowl and Sundae dishes.


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