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I love just about anything old. I sort of specialize in breweriana but I collect anything as long as it is unique and old.


  1. Hey thanks TallCakes that is some very useful information. I always attributed it to Tiffin only because they had a similar pattern. I know, very flimsy conclusion. But I do live near Tiffin Ohio and ...
  2. Hey Atomic. I'm still alive and I cannot believe it! Still have not figured this one out. Congratulations on finding one too. I love mine. I'll do some more investigating however I am still leaning to...
  3. What a beauty! Stunning design. Love the adrenaline rush when you get a nice piece at a great price at auctions.
  4. Awesome piece. I've always been reluctant to buy these for fear of repops. I've always wondered if there was a sure fire way to tell the difference between repops and genuine antique prisms.
  5. Thanks everyone!!
  6. After some internet searches I stumbled upon a description of this item, hence I titled it, "New Martinsville Glass". Mystery Solved? Hopefully! New Martinsville would become Viking Glass. I believe t...
  7. Such great information Cakes! I had no clue this was called a water plate or the pattern name. Many thanks for the info. Always so fun to learn about.
  8. What a bummer. I got tired of this sort of thing too so I got a tiny ultra violet light which I keep on my key chain to check for the uranium in the glass. I bought a really good one, made in the usa,...
  9. Thanks for the love Aura. Was beginning to think I was shadow banned or something. lol.
  10. Thanks for the kind words and information TallCakes. Always appreciate your knowledge.
  11. Thanks Sean. Yes, beautiful. Love the design. I've never seen this pattern before and I'm very excited to own it.
  12. I would never have suspected it was Fenton. Thanks Lou!
  13. That is stunning! I've never heard about or seen any of this before. Thanks for the education!
  14. Thanks Collecto. My mom always told me, "you may not find it when you want to but you will find it eventually." Speaking of finding things at garage sales. Can't wait for the garage sale season to sta...
  15. I never even thought that this could be a candy container. Thanks for the idea Rob. I know they made glass candy containers for kids, I have a couple of them. The containers had paper covering the are...
  16. Oh, wow that is so cool. I've never seen anything marked like that. I'll keep my eye out for that. Cracked or not I'd love to find one.
  17. I love those triple spouted ones. Wish I could find some. I was thinking maybe they were Imperial but haven't searched it out that deeply yet. Call me lazy. :-) Is your cereal bowl green? If it is...
  18. No kidding that is so interesting!
  19. As do I, but I'm learning thanks to you guys.
  20. You guys are awesome!
  21. Thats okay Katherine all posts are greatly welcome!!
  22. Thanks Katherine. I had no clue but love learning from you knowledgable people. Much appreciated.
  23. Thanks TallCakes I was wondering if it was LE Smith but I was not sure. Your knowledge is always greatly appreciated. I can't thank you enough for helping me learn more about old glass. Thanks!!
  24. That is exactly the pattern, etch #250. Amazing thanks for helping me TallCakes. That glass is a real survivor. I bought a flat of depression glass at an auction and the glass was included in the fla...
  25. Thanks so much Collecto! For better or for worse my collection has grown considerably since I took these photos! Can't help myself overtime i find old green glass I have to buy it. No matter what. And...
  26. love it that is awesome! I recently found a refrigerator storage container in green at a thrift store. It too was missing the lid but I still think it is a great piece. Love the green glass!
  27. love it that is awesome!
  28. To me almost certainly Nippon. The stamp on the back is pretty rough but it looks like the maple leaf stamp with hand painted to the right. The stamp came in green, magenta, and blue. They quit using ...
  29. Wish I could help but I'm still learning and learning a lot from you. I can say one thing though you have impeccable taste and a fantastic eye. Thanks for all you do!
  30. Juli, I have know idea as to how to price the item since I have never seen another one before. Yours is the first time I've ever heard of another one. I've searched eBay and have never found one. Of ...
  31. Yes, loved the cake stand! Should have mentioned that earlier.
  32. Much appreciated Tallcakes you are very knowledgable and I appreciate your expertise. Thank you so much!
  33. Thanks katherine. I had tallcakes in mind whoever that is they sure know their glass.
  34. Those are known as Indian Powerplus bikes. They were produced from 1916 to 1924. I'm thinking they must be 1916 or 1917 being they are military bikes probably produced for WWI. The Hendee Mfg. mark on...
  35. That is very cool. Love Vaseline glass. What is the big flat looking piece in back in the last photo, a cake tray? It is awesome. Also, love the cake plate.
  36. Very interesting Katherine. It makes sense. I checked out robin doll and it is very similar to the lady in my picture. What you are saying could very well be the case. Thanks for your insightful input...
  37. I had also wondered what kind of story is being told in both of the paintings. There has to be some sort of story being told.
  38. Thanks for the info kyra, vetra, and robin. That's a lot more info than I had before I posted this item.
  39. No I'm not sure. I really have no clue what they are.
  40. That is wonderful.
  41. Wow nice! Wish I could come clean out your barn.
  42. That's awesome fort! At least that gives me something else to go on. I'll keep searching and post new info. Thanks!!
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  44. I am quite skeptical too scott. I really don't think it is civil war but I sure would like to know just what exactly it is. I plan on reaching out to the gentleman Harborguy mentioned. I will keep you...
  45. Thanks Harborguy. I will do that and post what I find out.
  46. Thanks for the kind word fresco and thanks for the cool link!
  47. Thanks for the information robin. I'm still puzzled by this piece and I'm still not even sure if it is civil war. I was told by the person I got it from that it was. But we all know how that goes when...
  48. Luckey
  49. That is incredible! Not just the sign but what you do. I would love to do that job.
  50. Those are awesome. I love pink and green depression glass.
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