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brockport ny

54 married,harley owner and treasure seeker,,,


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Old saddle . - Motorcyclesin Motorcycles
two more of my Insulators,these two have thier mounting post with them. 
Glass Insulators. 
glass insulator 
hand made harley Davidson motorcycle. - Motorcyclesin Motorcycles
motorcycle fire extinguisher - Firefightingin Firefighting
Old school desk - Furniturein Furniture
old oil painting - Fine Artin Fine Art
trail marker,1929 - Signsin Signs


  1. thats right bikenstein
  2. would love to find saddle bags to match
  3. found it at an antique shop and traded a coke cooler for it
  4. that would be sweet wearing that on my motorcycle
  5. any body know where to take this and have it appraised?
  6. I got it from a friend, he makes them out of paperclips and woodglue and slices of bottles for the rims wire whatever he can get .glad that you like it ,he does make and sell them.
  7. the only mouse eared one in the pic is green that i see, the two clear ones are split top cables.take another pic of them head on ,not from the top looking down ,is there and hobnailing around the bot...
  8. how about a dark gingerale?
  9. I think I have seen one of those on an older style machine ,the window lets you see the bottles above the flap that you open to get the purchased one.
  10. my left you know what.
  11. Thank you Scott,I like them too, thats why I couldnt just leave it for the garbage truck. It will look good with a plant sitting on it or one of those little kids hiding thier faces at the car shows.
  12. according to precious metals trading,the price is going up because the buying and hoarding by chinese markets.and the price could go over $ 250.00 an ounce.close to one hundred by mid july.so hold on ...
  13. That is one sweet panhead,nice that it still has the tool box on it,cool
  14. it looks liks a Cleveland Welding co roadmaster about 1936,I have one like it you can see it on my page,the decales on the fender are the same i think,Is there a neck badge on the front?that kickstand...
  15. Im pretty sure its for a plumber,they used those for melting wax but not for molds.its for sealing pipes after they stuff them with string,and pour a ton of wax over the top of it.thats why the separa...
  16. any,wheat penny is worth 40 cents now.I know it sounds crazy but thats what they are worth.I wish I had a huge jar of them right now .
  17. I happen to have a can opener just like that hanging on my key chain right now,but your right Iv never used it.lol
  18. cool,that was a great find,and it sounds like you are having the greatest time doing your thing with the bikes ,keepit going and good luck,I hope you find some real treasures out there.
  19. I had one of those,the picture tube turns,way cool for the day.Philco was a Ford motor co, off shoot that went under shortly after this tv was produced.
  20. I find a lot of bikes but this one was a great find, I still think about it ,i couldnt believe my eyes.lol
  21. Im not completely sure but I think its a shaker, church pew.but dont hold me to it but pretty sure.
  22. thanks,thats exactly what I was thinking,who would throw this away,?I wouldnt even throw away the seat.
  23. I sold aPeppperbox in 1981 ,it was in working order looks to be about the same as yours,I still had a kit box with mine (cleaners,caps two extra rods,)I sold it for 5000.00,so if your going to sell it...
  24. thanks frosty21,Iwill keep them, I love my comicsI have a hulk #1 ill never part with.and supermans funeral,2099 spiderman,loads and loads of good stuff.glad you like the jurassic parks.keep collectig...
  25. thank you cis2you,thats good infoI was going to comb my hair with it ,lol
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Vintage coke fridge. :-) J2F AIRCRAFT THROTTLE QUADRANT FOR DUCK W.J Loth Stove Tattoo advertising art Edwardian Ball ladies Tomahawk? Battle Axe?


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