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I collect mostly glass, though not by any style but rather by what attracts me. I like simple shapes, strong colors and not to much decoration. My late grandmother (I collect mostly glass, though not by any style but rather by what attracts me. I like simple shapes, strong colors and not to much decoration. My late grandmother (from michigan) is probably where I got the bug to collect. And as you can see I love the funky jewelry and use them regularly. I am always looking but being here on an island the flow of good finds, is as you can imagine, not that great. (Read more)


  1. I have a similar piece I can identify because like you said it seams like several patterns in one.
  2. I have a pagoda from my Mom.
  3. WOW. Again this is closest to something of mine that Ive seen.
  4. This is beautiful. Yours is the closest I've seen to mine. Also an unmarked mystery.
  5. Aloha from Hawaii, Iv added a pic to my collection, search - hapoli. Id enjoy your feedback. Mahalo.
  6. Aloha Racer, While searching Narumi glass I saw a posting of yours. I have a heavy, lumpy orange vase heavily bubbled like this one of yours. Other discussion groups have suggested "Murano". Id enjoy ...
  7. I'll do that!
  8. Thank you for the feed back. Untill now Iv had zero clues on what or even where to begin looking. But I do see a " gold foil burst " effect where the gold is overlapped and expanded and in mine to the...
  9. GREAT COLLECTION! I don't think I have ever seen the green befor..........very nice!
  10. I love it she's geourgous!
  11. Iv got the same one! It's great
  12. I don't know how many times I can say it-----WOW!
  13. Sometimes simple can be so stunning
  14. They are very sweet. I show a very small one in my collection.
  15. I like the two dragons and the size of it. I show a smaller one in my collection with a swan in the center.
  16. Thanks Michael in Toronto, thats an amazing collection you have!
  17. This is something that I would have picked up to take home if I had found it first.
  18. This is something that I would have picked up, love it.
  20. Very cool! I love the organic nature of the body with the square opening.
  21. Just when I think you cant WOW me anymore, what do you do, you post another one. Keep um comming!
  22. Your collection is just amazing!
  23. WOW Marty, This is very,very cool. I love it!
  24. Thanks Shawn. Im a casual collector and dont usualy know what im geting only, that I like it. Isnt that the way its supposed to be?
  25. Thanks Marty, I have been looking for my orange and black tripod leg vase to post and share with you but for the life of me I can't find it.
  26. Aloha Vintagemad, I was referee to BOYD GLASS by Shawn186 for one of my other pc( irid yellow glass) and I came across a similar pot without the lid, they called it a gypsy pot, toothpick holder! You...
  27. Aloha Shawn, Thank you.
  28. That's what I initially thought, if it was it was never used as one because there is none of that heavy water stain on the inside.
  29. Aloha Shawn, Thanks for the helpful info.I still have more in storage boxes that I will post soon. I have lots of candlesticks also.
  30. Moments ago I said I like this but I think I love it now.
  31. Aloha Agram.m, The only thing I can see in the band is 14K.
  32. You must have a fantastic display at home and I hpoe no big dogs.
  33. This circular etch mark is spelled differently from the liner one that I am used to seeing.
  34. Did you say 300 years? The two in the center are especially geourgous!!
  35. Hi Susan, In the very dark pink ribbon you can just make out a sparkly/matalic, it is more like a dust then flecks. Thanks
  37. The elephant is darling, so cute.
  38. I have a green "stone" in a ring that I can't identify but it looks like what you are calling amazonite, I initially thought it was glass but really not sure. Are there certin characteristics that wou...
  39. I recently posted a photo of my micro ring. It is very very tiny and not of the floral motif .It's a roman type building with sky ,shrubs and foreground. Take a look.
  40. Just saw your unknown face. I had a similar face pendant that was also a black/green , I found out it was a tera cotta clay when I droped it and it broke it was red inside. Not that I want you to find...
  41. got it "coin dot" thanx, no Icant sell it. watch for more
  42. Thank you, did I get the name right? or is it called something else?
  43. Thank you, thats why this site is so great!
  44. So she was meant to by yours!! Cant wait to see what else you have.
  45. Like you I am limited to what I can put out to show so I do it in rotations. Keep watching more to come. Thanx
  46. I just posted a photo of a similar vase, its not vaseline, but you might enjoy it.
  47. Its amazing ! all that color.
  48. Very pretty! I have one more in orange that i will post soon
  49. NO please don't part with her.
  50. WOW!! I love it!!!
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