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Hudson Florida

I love going to yard or Estate sales. Florida has many good finds due to retirees living here. I really like to find signed items such as paintings, Brooches, glasI love going to yard or Estate sales. Florida has many good finds due to retirees living here. I really like to find signed items such as paintings, Brooches, glass/ceramic items that I can look up the history and learn from what I find. My biggest interest are vintage buttons. I teach a class now and again if I find a captive audience. I am retired military..Air Force. (Read more)


  1. Thank you for your comments.
  2. Still unable to find info on this item. Anyone know the Era?
  3. Thank you sooo much Celiene. It does look like andrea. The way the dots are on the shell. Thank you very much.
  4. Still looking to find the era or maker. Hope someone can help. Thanks...Liz
  5. Thank you so very much Chris. Exciting to hear Ican look up more history and possibly see the same button I have. I love to have part of such history in my hands . Thank you for sharing th...
  6. Thank You so much Stillwater.
  7. Still trying to find age of this Chinese vase. All help appreciated. Also what is the glazing style called? Thank You.
  8. Thank you so very much! I do find the translation interesting. Thank you for taking the time to help me out.
  9. Still trying to find out the translation of the characters on this vase...Anyone know?
  10. Can anyone tell me what the characters translation to English?
  11. Thank You Stillwater for your comments and aldionne also... The vase is so perfectly beautiful. The glaze is unmarked and beautiful to feel the smoothness. Everytime I look at this vase it seems I se...
  12. Thank You..Love.anything.old.
  13. I have many items like this as I collect Wexford pattern glass. This does not look quite like Wexford...not sure of this pattern but it is very nice. I love clear glass as it is so pretty when it is c...
  14. I put this on my Facebook page today and gave friends 8 hours to tell me what they think this item was lots of one guessed correctly but some of the answers were..bed ta...
  15. Thanks so much have been a great help.
  16. Thank you vanskyock24
  17. My husband tested with a strong magnet and I see now that the magnet only sticks where there are screws...not to the lamp metal..since it is very heavy..would this be brass?
  18. Thank you rocker-sd. You are so very helpful. I will just leave it alone and not polish it. I bought it because I love rocks/Gemstones...which I also collect.
  19. Thank you so much rocker-sd. The light socket says Leviton...This is such a heavy lamp..I would say Cast iron also. It is funny about the magnet now that I try does not stick to all parts......
  20. Thanks so very very much Jim..I am going to print what you said and tape it to the bottom of my pig. Wonderful that you can translate and help others understand what they have...Liz.
  21. Thanks everyone for loving this lamp as I do. Does anyone know how old this lamp may be?
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Dutch Delft Sterling Brooch Ice Bucket (Crystal)


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