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San Antonio, TX

I have been collecting depression glass and other old glassware for almost four years. I am completely addicted to the beauty of vintage glassware. I love milk glaI have been collecting depression glass and other old glassware for almost four years. I am completely addicted to the beauty of vintage glassware. I love milk glass, carnival glass, and uranium glass. I have several items of milk glass. My husband and I go "pickin" almost every weekend. My home is filling up with the stuff. Would like to open up an antique shop or booth if the economy would ever get better. It's sad to see how many antique shops have closed. I also collect from time to time other antique items (as money allows). I really enjoy looking at all the finds of others on Show & Tell. I plan to post more pictures of some of my collectibles soon. (Read more)


  1. So unique and beautiful. This piece represents the love of two people on their wedding day so the slight damage doesn't take away value.
  2. If the butter dish was your grandmother's, I don't think it would be a reproduction. Beautiful pieces. I have the compote in the gold or amber carnival glass color. Would love to have the butter d...
  3. Wow, what beautiful pieces left by the prior owners. Apparently they didn't know the values of these items.
  4. What a nice find after purchasing a new home. Was there other collectibles left by the previous owner?
  5. What a find! Very nice.
  6. Gorgeous glasses. I agree with AmberRose. They would make for a great conversation piece at a dinner party.
  7. Amberina glass maybe?
  8. Looks like uranium glass. If you have a black light put it around them and see if they glow a bright green; if so, they have uranium in them. Not sure of the pattern; looks like a wheat pattern.
  9. I have a set of ten of the same wine glasses in the ruby red color. I also have two of the same in the blue cobalt color. They are stunning in appearance. I love mine. The green is very pretty too...
  10. Gorgeous colors! Is custard glass similar to milk glass?
  11. Looks like blue milk glass. I have an old soap dish in the same looking glass.
  12. I have the dish or one very similar to it in a pinkish/amber color. Is this a celery dish? Nice set you have.
  13. Love the square bases. Nice glasses. Don't you just love thrift stores to find old glassware.
  14. I have one too that I got at a yard sale. I don't know what it is either. Could be a creamer or some sort of sauce or gravy dish. Let me know if you find out.
  15. My mother has a set of the amber boopie or bubble glasses. They are gorgeous. Hopefully they will be mine some day. Yours are beautiful too. Enjoy them!
  16. Beautiful piece. Pieces like that are why I collect.
  17. I'm not a professional at all, but it looks like someone engraved a name on this....maybe as a gift to someone. It doesn't look professionally engraved at all. Hopefully they didn't damage a beautif...
  18. Is this milk glass? The picture is a little fuzzy to see; but it looks like milk glass. Very unique and cute.
  19. Those are cute!
  20. Looks like uranium/vaseline glass. If you have a black light try turning off your lights and place the black light over them to see if they glow in the dark. If so, it is uranium glass. They would...
  21. I finally found them online. These are Franciscan Madeira made by the Tiffan glass company. They come in different colors.
  22. Thank you so much. I didn't think about that country. Were you able to find out more on them?
  23. Looks like a cross between hobnail and diamond point design.
  24. This appears to be amethyst glass. I don't know the manufacturer. I also have some amethyst glassware on show and tell too. Is your glass very heavy? Mine is very heavy. Yours appears to have the...
  25. Looks like cobalt blue glassware. You might google cobalt blue glassware and see what you can find.
  26. Vaseline glass is semi-opaque I guess you would say. It is not transparent by no means. If you hold it up and look at it, vaseline glass looks like hardened vaseline. The usual color is a light gre...
  27. Are these a different color of vaseline glass?
  28. I love shopping at the same places too! I feel like I'm addicted to buying these things, when I have the money too. I love the thrill of the hunt to see what treasures you can find.
  29. Also, turn your cup upside down.....you could also use it as a candle holder too.
  30. I love looking at your beautiful collection of glassware. You must do a lot of shopping. I found the same item today at a garage sale. Mine looks identical to yours. I would say it is a salt cu...
  31. Beautiful uranium compote.
  32. Look on e-bay; there are some interesting wine decanters and Avon bottles this might fall under.
  33. How unique! I've never seen anything like that. Maybe a local antique dealer could help identify it. Is the pitcher attached to the base? I don't think that's a tumbler.
  34. www.antiquearchaeology.com You can email them directly. Hope this helps.
  35. Do you ever watch the TV cable show called "American Pickers"? They buy old signs all the time. They have a website; check to see if you can email them to ask about the value.
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