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D & E set... another start to finding matching pieces! - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
FOR PHIL..Damon Polcini set! - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
MASSIVE D & E CLEAR CRYSTAL BROOCH... chaining figure 8's! - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
THE "OTHER BROOCH"! and earrings in sapphire! - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
DAVID CROSBY.. forever remembered! - Music Memorabiliain Music Memorabilia
D & E RUBY RED RIVOLI GRAND PARURE - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. Wow, this set needs so many more loves! To find a set like this is unimaginable! The huge focal crystal in the brooch and earrings is, like Phil says, "killer". RARE and BEAUTIFUL! Kinda reminds me ...
  2. Oldie but goodie! All your dachshunds are so cute! Being a century old he looks just swell!
  3. Now those are tails! Saw a movie once where a fox was down by a river and he was swinging his tail around in a circular motion .. so funny! And the narrator said, " now that's a tail!"
  4. Makes me want to take a brush to him/ her! Wonderful antique!
  5. Better late than never.. Happy belated St. Valentines Scott. Love the cherubs! I wore my new ( vintage) red brooch on St. Valentines like I said I would. One lady asked me if it was an heirloom. Like ...
  6. Sometimes all it takes is some love and elbow grease to turn a find into a treasure! You have certainly done so here, my friend :)
  7. I love the way his paws are held in contemplation of???
  8. Waiting for his treat! I can almost see that tail wagging!
  9. This was once in a Victorian household....everything back then was so ornate! Where do you find them Scott? It's solid beauty astounds me!
  10. As to Yvonne's comment.. Pugs have changed over the years too! They used to have a "snout" instead now their face looks like they've ran smack into a wall! They were bred that way to the point some n...
  11. Now these are special, right? Over 120+ years of age? Remarkable condition ( after all your hard work) Where did they come from to be in such a sad state when you got them? Someone's barn for over a...
  12. He's wonderful! Hope I look as good at 70+ years! Ha!
  13. This hare just makes me smile.. he "sprinting" through the grasses as if to say.."can't catch me!" And he's right! Ha!
  14. Wow, so much detail for something so petite! Sweet!
  15. I told you I had a dachshund in grammar school, he was golden brown, like this sweet guy. Named him Foo-Foo. I know I know not quite the right name for a weenie dog but tell that to a 8 years old girl...
  16. His snow white cottontail sticking out of the "tails" of his beautiful cobalt blue coat was the first thing I noticed. Great colors Scott!
  17. Oh I love owls! Used to "talk" to them at dusk when I lived in the country and they would talk back! He's marvelous!
  18. Both seem to be contemplating on a serious matter?! "Has Reddy invaded our warren?" Ha! Love the pipes! And you always do fine work in restoring your wonderful animals?
  19. Run Fox! Run! These little figurines are simply top of the line, the makers clearly took pride in their work! Congrats Scott! Is that "Reddy" out in front there? Ha!
  20. Thank you Dawnlady for your sweet comment! And yes, the "red" against the clear rhinestones, I do believe , was Polcini's intention for making the brooch "stand out"! Much appreciated. Sorry for the ...
  21. Lovely "nighttime" elegance! Superb design from Sherman... as always!
  22. I don't know which is harder. Finding the earrings to a brooch or the other way around. When pieces get separated over the decades it is nearly impossible to reunite them in most cases. Here's hoping ...
  23. Hi there! I saw where you were from! How nice to have a "neighbor" who collects too. I grew up in Avila and See Canyon. Nice to know someone here knows of these places! San Luis has grown by leaps a...
  24. Hi Maureen, Stopping by on the weekend. Only time I have to relax! I love them all but the L'Orient really stands out! The 50's piece with the baguettes comes next in my book. Searching1 loves ...
  25. The logic of clear crystals not being as "favored" as colored has, in my opinion, no logic at all! The clear crystals are like old Hollywood. They are almost always older than the colored pieces, and ...
  26. Most definitely! The unusual colored crystals! The cupcake settings! The donut hole finding! These are wonderful and quite a find. This style came in ruby and emerald in the drop stone!
  27. Hi Dave! Eileen here! Seeing your neighbor horse brought back memories of a neighbors mule and goats I used to feed apples to. ( truck bed fulls) They had a lot of animals! Your dogs!!! Those are ...
  28. I love clear "Old Hollywood" crystals! It is a very risky task to replace prong set crystals! I just did so on a all clear brooch but only because I didn't pay much for it. I did it w/o breaking one...
  29. Someday! I hope! I hope! Ultra rare carved crystal piece!
  30. Eleven years ago priced at 1K I have seen it go for $3500! Though we don't talk about monetary value here, it is safe to say our collections never depreciate!
  31. These figurals are becoming very HTF! Most of the seahorses have lost their "tails". This one is beautiful with it's AB sparkle!
  32. How I would love to have the entire set to this piece! Gorgeous Lori!
  33. This is like the one on eBay ( I think)
  34. Hmmm, I see lots of them. How do you tell if it's a reproduction besides the price? Can one get "lucky"?
  35. Scott, there's. Bayre on eBay of a horse and jockey! Really cool! Check it out! Is that a fair price ?
  36. Another master artist! Wow, these are so incredible! I have always loved horses. When we moved to See Canyon, I was 11. Every young girl wants a horse. There was a horse in the pasture by our house....
  37. Reproduction or not, the art is simply superb! How old is this piece? Have you ever come across an original Mene or Rembrandt for sale?
  38. When I saw your dueling stallions the first thing that came to mind was REMBRANDT! These equine depictions are so realistic, that no other artist comes to mind! Fantastic pieces!
  39. Animals are so amazing as right after birth they get right up! I saw a goat give birth once, on my way to a friends house in the canyon. Four hours later on my way home, the little guy was climbing on...
  40. This fox looks "startled", like he is ready to bolt! Reminds me of a time I was up on my mountain ( yes, I used to own a mountain lol) looking for chanterelles and I was on a deer trail and this fox a...
  41. Searching..Facebook? I don't belong to any Facebook group ( yet, thinking about it) Are you referring to the Red set as I know Cindy put her picture on there and it got over 400 loves! One person comm...
  42. Thank you all for loving my Polcini set! Phil, you honestly make me blush. What an absolutely wonderful comment! Your support of my coming back ( once in a while ) has made all the difference! Than...
  43. I always zoom in to get a closer look! I love the four clear navettes! How they stand out!
  44. I love how the baguettes and chatons are mixed together. Sherman was a genius! The colors are so bright and cheerful!
  45. I would never use this as a trivet! It's just too precious and the detail is amazing! I so love your rabbits, bunnies, and hares!
  46. Love the creature as the spout!
  47. Foo Dogs are wonderful and mysterious! This one's a beauty!
  48. I love opaque crystals! It seems Sherman used them sparingly which makes this a wonderful and unique find!
  49. Wow! This is an incredible piece! Red is my favorite color of jewelry and it seems, the most sought after! You always show us magnificent pieces Phil! Drop brooches are hard to find and in perfect con...
  50. I want to thank everyone for loving my D & E Ruby Red set. A set like this comes around only once, if ever, in a lifetime as Sesrching1 stated! He too, is a collector of D & E, and he understands the ...
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