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Tulare, Calif.


  1. Never did find anything about it. Value ? If you find anything, please let me know.
  2. Hey all! I've been away for awhile. Medical issues. Any way, I found another Schrader tire gauge at a yard sale today for a buck. The dates on this one are March 28, 1916, Feb 14, 1922 & April 10, 1923.
  3. Looks like it could be used for sorting something into 3 different groups. Possibly coins? Maybe for counting and wrapping. Just a guess.
  4. Looks like it could be used for the water main by the curb to my house. The valve "handle" is rectangular. This wrench would reach down into the hole where the valve is located. Then by pushing down o...
  5. The long one is a Virginia Tavern pipe. A repo as you said. I used to have one in the box. Ya got me on the basket design.
  6. Very nice gift to the Wife, Vontrike. And it does have great value. To your Wife it is pricelesss. I have a 22 Pistol that my Father gave me about 3 years ago that his Father gave him in 1960. I need ...
  7. I have one but it's a reproduction. It was sold as a "Bush Machete". The curved blade for whacking through the lighter stuff and the straight blade on the back for chopping through the thicker stuff....
  8. They look like paddles used for lead work on auto body seams. I do know that work was done with wooden paddles. It's possible these were unused new one's.
  9. Walmart sells them
  10. Looks like tool used to do clay sculpturing
  11. Very nice collection!! I have the Jeep one. Sadly, the drivers head got broken and super glue'd back on. I dug it out of a trash dump behind some cabin's in an old railroad town in north Calif.
  12. In 1974, I was working as a janitor in the Pacific Bell building in Bakersfield CA. They had batteries like that for backup power for the phone system. They were about 3 feet long.
  13. thank you vetraio50. That is an amazing amount of information. Now I'm not sure if I want this thing around. LOL
  14. Thank you ROBinHawaii, Hunter, musikshoo and Militarist for the clues and comments. It does look like the center might have rotated at one time. The center is made seperately from the rest and may be ...
  15. Very nice!!! I have a similar trunk. Mine doesn't fold out at the front and is surface rusted all over. Excellent find.
  16. Sure getting a lot of love on this one. Thank you all!! I hope one day to restore it as far as I can. Dealing with back problems, I may not be able to handle a 2 wheeler anymore. It just collects dust...
  17. Ahhh yes. I forgot that detail. That's the reason for the spiral groove. They also had smooth ones of various sizes that would be pounded into the hull of ships for bullet and larger holes used with a...
  18. Thank you Mikielikesigns2. It was a labor of love. The engine is a stock rebuilt 1600. Don't give up on the Corvair. It could be just valves stuck open. Them good old engines will surprize you. For ex...
  19. The lid is Dutch Oven style.
  20. DC Plug. Damage Controll Plug for plugging holes in the ship
  21. Hi Cindyjune. I have the same pump but not as complete as yours. It would sit in a bucket and the side piece would be outside the bucket to put your foot on to anchor it while moving the handle up and...
  22. Really, does this "Train of thought" have a caboose?
  23. The one on the right I believe is Ford. I have two like that. One came out of a 1954 Ford 1 ton. It was mounted behind the right side of the seat in a bracket.
  24. Looks like a planter wheel to me. It would be part of a system to plant seeds behind a tractor. It looks like it would make a furrow for the seeds to drop into. Just my best guess I guess.
  25. If you continue turning the crank, it should slowly make a full circle as it goes back and forth. Washer looks like it was ground to a shallow point for drilling something soft like wood.
  26. Phone Booth?
  27. How interesting. I have the same jar. Bought at a yard sale for $3.00. Gave it to my Mother in the 80's and got it back after she passed away in 2004. I had no idea it was Vaseline untill I saw yours....
  28. Bottle stopper?
  29. Love it! I have one too. Just can't get it to work.
  30. Wow, That is interesting. It would certainly have me scratching my bald spot. LOL. Haven't I seen crop circles with similar shapes?
  31. Looks like a 3 hole, left handed Fiddle Wrench for adjusting the Hevershaft of a Harmonic Defibulizer. Roswell? I know nothing. I swear, I don't know what your talking about. It wasn't me.
  32. Hi Ginnycripe. I have the same tool. All I know is it's an early mechanical tachometer. I have no paperwork/directions. Would it be possible for you to make a copy of the directions and email them to ...
  33. OK. Here's what I find in my archives. The band Sweet. Members, Brian Connolly, Steve Priest, Andy Scott, Mick Tucker. The Standells. I believe the original members were Jody Rich, Larry Tamblyn, To...
  34. I served 2 1/2 years on the "Big E" from 1975 - 1978. Just before that it was designated CVAN 65. The A was for attack. It was dropped during peace time I believe at the end of the Vietnam war. I have...
  35. A head from a Canine Knome Bobble Head. LOL Just a guess. Maybe a piece from an outdoor ornament and the head bobbed with the wind. Would look nice sitting on a porch.
  36. #2- Durant Motors Corp. New York City, New York. 20' to early 30's. Next?
  37. #3 Ford? #4 Desoto?
  38. Kind of looks like part of a float valve. Looks like the rod that would have had a float on the end is broken off. It would have pivoted and moved the round piece in and out of a valve body. Maybe and...
  39. I had #2 but no clue on the others. Good "What is it?"
  40. I have one hubcap from a Nash LaFayette. Found it years ago in a flowerbed of a house. The old guy that lived there passed away and the family was cleaning up the place. They gave it to me.
  41. I'll be back-up driver!! Remember the Zinger toy cars? Monster engines in small cars. Do the Monster Nash.
  42. I have a "H&R SPORTSMAN" nine shot 22. long rifle CTG. What is the CTG? Made by Harrington and Richardson Arms Co. Serial #88343. ( The CTG could be CTC. Poorly stamped) My father gave it to me a...
  43. official fuel. You beat me by seconds. LOL
  44. Nash? Whatever it is, I love it. Gives me ideas.
  45. If the top opens, a firehose could be put in behind the end fittings. It was just a thought anyway. Sugar cane crusher sounds makes more sense.
  46. Fire hose wringer?
  47. What a wonderful story!!! I've never heard the full version before. I have a box in storage with several pieces of Red willow. Haven't looked at them in probably 30 years. I do remember they were not ...
  48. I understand that this is called "Willow Ware". I have several pieces in red. There is a story about a father chasing his daughter and her lover as they run over the bridge. If someone knows about th...
  49. Dave's not here!
  50. Thank you ALL for the loves and likes. There is a Corvair Trike running around here that belonged to the owners Father that was built in the mid 70's. It is beautiful and has been restored by the pre...
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