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  1. We had one back in mid fanbelts with great regularity..had a little dash lever for a gearshift..But I liked it. Was good on gas.
  2. Used to hear the "Draft Brewed Blatz Beer, Wherever you go" jingle on all the Dodger KFI games back in the early 60s...still remember the lyrics...
  3. Saw a ton of them (literally) in every service station along Rt 66 in the 50's...until the Cuban sugar embargo made the price go up to .25 cents instead. Were good days!
  4. Looks like a 'Von Dutch' pinstriping!!
  5. My grandfather was personally recruited by TR to join the Rough Riders, but was rolled on by a horse, and suffered back injuries at a fort in Florida.., thereby making him ineligible for it...Probably...
  6. Beautiful guitar...Was thrilled by Paul Simon playing his signature OM42 at the 911 event..a fantastic sound..I have a DI8 David Crosby..#231 of 250..absolutely love it..and its sound.
  7. Where is the serial numbers? All Martins have a serial number inside the neck block. Only way to prove when they were made.
  8. I'm a Martin lover..but that is a very nice looking instrument..Bet it sounds like a million bucks!
  9. Wd love to see it fly!! Bring it to display at the Reno Air Races when you are done!!
  10. My first toy train...Christmas 1949. Older bro got a Lionel electric, I got a windup just like this..big key..he still has his..mine was lost in a move somewhere in the dim past. Great item! Remembe...
  11. I had a Crosman was a real shooter..shot a magpie with it from 186 paces..they were pests around the farm...10 pumps and rock and roll!
  12. My favorite all time soft drink...used to walk down to the corner store at Tonnece. Ok..and grandad would buy us each one for 5 cents apiece.. Out of the icewater bath dispenser..Can still get Grapett...
  13. This is a "men at work" lantern..always blue globes. Nobody moved a train or engine when this light was hanging on it, or sitting between the rails near it. Could be a workman lying under the train...
  14. A brakeman or carman lantern. double ended lights, or just on one end? I have one with a flashing blue on one end, and a white bulb on the other. Southern Pacific.
  15. A "men at work" lantern..Would sit it between rails on end of train. Nobody would move that train while it was there, cause a worker may be lying under an engine or car to work on it..In daytime they ...
  16. Those were lanterns to mark that a crew was working on a train..Nobody woud move a train while those lanterns were sitting on the ties between the rails.
  17. I have one like the one on the left..Southern Pacific..Blue globe on one end, white bulb on other flashed like a strobe if you set the switch. To mark a train or cars that were being serviced...
  18. Some look like carbide..which would be from around 1900 to 1920 or so. A little tank with a screw lid, and a little needle valve on the top or side?
  19. Looks like it has sockets for two electric bulbs...and the square body probably held a soda-acid battery..which was left in, coroding the bottom out...Very cool!! Probably from the 40s
  20. Engine crewmwn used oil torch lamps to test the air lines on an engine...hold them next to the joint or connection, and if any air was leaking, it would blow out the flame.
  21. Beautiful find!! Louisville and Nashville!
  22. Anything marked with a railroad is marketable...ATSF has always been my favorite railroad..saw many a steamer at base of my grandfather's hill near Atwood, Ca..and travelling parallel to Rt 66 between...
  23. Could be railroad..but I would bet it was from a mine..It looks like a blast-proof construction.
  24. Just carefully clean the dust out of them..remove the lenses and wash in gentle soap water or alcohol..don't do anything that will remove the patina or rust!
  25. Nice find!! Railroad short story books and pulp adventures were very popular around the 1880s through early 1900s.
  26. Looks like the first two are vintage..brakeman's lanterns..the other is probably a carriage lantern.
  27. When I was a kid, my grandparents lived near a little crossroad country store in a little place called Tonnece, Oklahoma...Grandads would walk my brother and I the half mile down the dirt road (paved ...
  28. The old Sutro's at the Cliff House..was there many times before it burned down..had a mirror outfit like a big periscope that you could see the skaters on the lower level from the top floor.
  29. Back in the mid and early 20th century,,there was no such thing as political correctness..In some cases, I am glad to see those ads gone..
  30. Did you know that Nancy Davis, the future Mrs. Ronald Reagan, was one of the Coca Cola models on the Coke trays? Early 50's, late 40's.
  31. I met the Marlboro Man a year before his death from lung cancer..Obviously, all the good taste and ruggedness didn't help this gentleman..Met him in a professional setting.
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