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Southwestern VA

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I was bitten by the Carnival Glass bug years ago, and am still in the full throes of my addiction!


  1. I am much the same: I go on months- or years-long buying sprees, then I sell off items that I have had for a while, or are part of an interest/genre that I no longer collect!
  2. Thank you for the kind words, mammi. If I can be of any assistance to you with the selling of your glass, please let me know.
  3. Your marigold bowl is one that is referred to as an Ice Cream Shaped bowl (ICS). This is a common pattern, but the ICS bowl in Amethyst is very hard to find!
  4. I was waiting on someone who might know more than me to comment.... Since nobody has---- and even though I am far from an authority on the reproduced / contemporary hatpin holders---- I will post a f...
  5. Congratulations on the sale of your bowl. I used to get nearly all my glass from antique malls and eBay. While I still pick up pieces from these places, it is not in the amounts from the 90's. More ...
  6. I have not looked at your bowl yet, but will try to find it and check it out. No, "The Majestic Eclectic" is not my eBay name; it is the name of my online shop on another site.
  7. I actually hadn't forgotten it: since it was watermarked, they had to remove it. I have put the photo back up, minus the watermark. And, yes, I do find that most of the Three Fruits examples have ...
  8. The luster ware (Carnival Glass) production in the USA began in 1907 and continued on until the early 1930's, even though interest had waned considerably during the 1920's. However, European and Engli...
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