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I am a buyer and reseller of interesting American antiques. I love taking something that was left for dead and giving it purpose. I am a beginner collector of pre 7I am a buyer and reseller of interesting American antiques. I love taking something that was left for dead and giving it purpose. I am a beginner collector of pre 70 Coca Cola. The pieces I have bring me joy and when I can't get my hands on something there is an emptiness that's hard to explain. (Read more)


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Things Go Better With Coke, smaller version sign - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
English and French Palm pushes - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Porcelain French Coca Cola signs - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Early Coca Coca Jacobs Pharmacy Catalog - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Aluminum Coca Coca six pack display rack - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Large Coca Cola fishtail sign - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Coca Cola thermometer - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Price Brothers fishtail clock - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Mid 1930s Garton tricycle  - Sporting Goodsin Sporting Goods
Vintage Bull Fighting poster - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints


  1. Not much more information than what was already posted. The information by early coke is well known to be respected and reliable. Since the time I have only seen less than a handful identical or in a ...
  2. I see a difference, what I have used on signs that the paint isn't much improvable is finish by wiping with linseed oil. Some might not approve but I haven't seen any bad effects on my signs yet and i...
  3. I really like your crates, wouldn't mind finding more of them. Some were meant to be lid less unless you see the marks or hinges for it, then it's missing. Look in past posts, some info for them has c...
  4. Agreed, I just worry that after some of them gain a little surface rust and pass hands, they will have a few people confused. They are done very well.
  5. Good eye, has everyone noticed the two tin signs on ebay, gas today sign and triple bottle sign, being sold as replicas, but kind of scary. It's my first time seeing those, I believe even the size is ...
  6. Nice, I really like these old metal crates. Any signs of paint? I have been told they were left in a metal finish although some have been painted over time in yellow. Patent info is interesting. Nice ...
  7. Nope, I can't count how many old photographs there are of an old fuel station with the coke chest or sign right there. Gas and coca cola and away you go.
  8. It's like, hmmm I wonder if Coca Cola ever..... and sure enough there it is. That's why it's the best to collect because there is always something new and interesting to learn.
  9. I would get it framed as soon as possible also if it doesn't have structure already. The flexing metal probably doesn't help the paint situation. These style signs display very well. Nice find.
  10. Just standard automotive rubbing compound. 3m. They usually are done in steps but I stick with the finer solution as close to a finishing compound as possible. The grittier compounds will actually add...
  11. Very nice!
  12. That's an awesome view. Nice collection shot.
  13. Thanks guys. Lol, the boss lady wishes I would shave in front of it.
  14. Also I believe the date is in the white line border along the perimeter of the signs on the bottom if visible through the corrosion. For example WFR 1935 is what mine is. It may or may not have it, lo...
  15. Very nice
  16. Cool find. Would like to find one of these soon. The Christmas bottle on some of the early signs with the large bottle image is something nice to look at and I don't get tired of it. I count about 8 d...
  17. Yeah I will probably end up making a bracket. The bracket on that ford sign is interesting 50s. Nice find on the original bracket Trey. I know for sure I want to duplicate a type of original, luckily ...
  18. That thing is gorgeous, I dont care how big it is I would be making room for one like that.
  19. Nice collection of items, Id like to find that version arrow for the kay display.
  20. I havnt seen one either yet. I usually have trouble finding bottles that cheap on ebay. Usually the swap meet is where I have to get my dollar bottles. Thanks, Nobucks.
  21. Thats a tough one. Theres probably not much enamel on the back but does the back show any change in the finish mimicking the front. Note, all the colors on the front seem to match almost exact, its th...
  22. Thank you kid. I didnt know it would be controversial.
  23. I got beat to adding the ebay link but yes there is one there shown in aged condition and still attached and displayed as double sided. The sign isnt porcelain but its pretty strong. Its flanged on th...
  24. I dont mind the questions, for all of us the more we see and know, the more we learn. Although I had never seen it before I never questioned that that it may not be old. Everything looks good to me.
  25. Thanks Nobucks.
  26. Good find. These can get pricey from what Ive seen, well for me anyway. Displays great though.
  27. Nice, I like the oddball stuff like this one. Good buy. Nice to see another Ca Coca Cola collector. I know they are out there but Ive yet to come across them.
  28. Great find, Sometimes I cant believe some of these early thermos exist.
  29. I like it, I agree I dont think the value of it would be much more than a standard crate, possibly overseas it may. Its interesting though. You can always take a look at a divided crate and recreate t...
  30. Yeah it is. I havn't seen one online anywhere yet either. I has the regular small price brothers round decal and also a square one with some directions on service and also states that it is Coca Cola ...
  31. Thanks, the logo being mostly red up close shows what looks like tiny rock chips, not alot, but a little, probably from using a buffing wheel and having sparks fly towards it, its pretty remarkable fo...
  32. Thanks everyone. Id like to find another old one too, gotta keep hitting those swap meets.
  33. Thank you very much Virginia for your time and information.
  34. Very nice rack. Good find.
  35. I havn't found much more info besides what was already mentioned. They came from a few different cities. I want to agree with early coke on them being bare metal because I could never find a trace of ...
  36. That's a steal. Great sign. It's inspirational for a collector with shallow pockets to know that with a good search things can still be had reasonably. Thanks, and great find. Nice clean up.
  37. Im curious as to how they would restore it. I will start by saying I know nothing about the porcelain coating process but if they take it completely down to metal and re coat the entire thing, it almo...
  38. Thankyou, I am proud. Now the fun part is deciding where to display it.
  39. I wish it were porcelain, but no its not a porcelain sign.
  40. I too have a crate that appears to have genuine age and also the yellow paint on the metal straps, so I wouldnt say that thats a sure sign that its a creation over original.
  41. Nice, I like hearing the history. That helps me decide what to do with it and explains why I cant find evidence of colors. Great info.
  42. Yeah, I saw that one too. Ive been trying to search for an exact example to convince me to put it back closer to what it should be. I cant imagine why it would be army green. From green it goes straig...
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