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Ethel Pye: 1940's Walter Florell hat. Florell hats are in The Metropolitan Museum of Art. - Hatsby Ethelsgirl
in Hats
Owsley Stanley signed #3 Grateful Dead Skull Belt Buckle - Accessoriesby eyebloom
in Accessories
My daddy's Haitian bellby postkat…
It's Marie, Princess of Leiningen! Thanks you batbrat. Chalon Miniature on Ivory - Fine Jewelryby chinablue
in Fine Jewelry
Signed Christo postcards - Postcardsby Belltown
in Postcards
My Ray Bradbury Autograph (almost) and Doodle - Fine Artby Belltown
in Fine Art
French Silver Jug - Boucheron - Silverby venon
in Silver
Reijmyre Sweden artdeco vaseline lion head dish - Art Glassby susan
in Art Glass
 Gold Ring Found Yesterday By My Dog - Fine Jewelryby packrat…
in Fine Jewelry
Antique Parchment w/Handwritten Latin Text~Page from the Bible? - Paperby Budek
in Paper
West Virginia State Trooper - Signsby MLDICKERSON
in Signs