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Middleboro, MA


  1. Keramikos Thank you so much! So, I guess I had the maker right, I just wasn't able to find anything on them. When I have time later, I'll be excited to go through all the links you gave me. Again, ...
  2. dav2n01 ...Appreciate your request and have added close up pics of the 2 makers marks. The clock guts are double struck, and the clock face marking can only be seen when viewed at a certain angle. Did...
  3. Thanks Rocky22222, Never thought of using the seat weave to get more info
  4. I have this identical lamp. I believe it is a Bullincante lamp from Murano Italy. I live in Pairpoint country and have a nice collection of their work. The base is almost always marked on a Pairpoint ...
  5. Thank you HansBrinker for all the great information! :)
  6. Thank you so much Michaela77!!! I really really appreciate you taking the time and owe you big for solving my mystery.
  7. I just may use your tip to hang it over the house numbers and light them both???? Thanks...
  8. I've been collecting art glass for a number of years. That is better than most of mine and a rare find. My Koi are also in hibernate mode. Wish I could join them! Not a winter fan here...
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Antique Tiffany Floor Lamp w Japanned Wood Base


posted 13 years ago