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Love Mustangs- Ford and AMF. Fan of NHRA.


  1. Wonderful! An Austin J40 or Pathfinder is still high on my want list.
  2. Along with the help of another pedal car enthusiast, I am confident to say that your car is a Morellet Guerineau Ferrari 1960. If you're thinking of getting rid of it, ship it here to the USA, I'd lov...
  3. Thank you Kydur for your kind words. You are absolutely correct in that the dice valve caps were my little added touch and if I remember back to when I was a kid, a long time ago, I probably didn't ev...
  4. Thank you very much.....and at 85 she still is! Happy holidays!
  5. Unfortunately, like so many others, the Jeep is long gone. I have had another Jeep, a Garton USAF model, that you can see pictures of on Check out and "Like" the page ...
  6. You can check out more Mustang pedal cars along with others @ Thanks and please "Like" the page if you feel inclined to.
  7. Very nice job! Check out some pics of my Mustangs
  8. Awesome!
  9. Thanks!
  10. Thank you to all for the "Loves." I suspected the pedal car people as well as Mustang folks would appreciate.
  11. I agree! Thanks!
  12. Great looking classic!
  13. pw- thank you!
  14. love it!
  15. Love it! Also cool to see the young one at a car show with it!
  16. It's still cool! I've also felt that one should collect things they like and are COOL!
  17. it!
  18. I kinda like it just the way it is. I've said on this forum before, "It can only be original once."
  19. .........and it would go very nicely with my USAF Jeep as well! Cool!
  20. Thank you all! And to jonima- thanks for your service to our Country!
  21. The red one is from '65 or '66 and the yellow one is from '70 or '71. The yellow one recently sold on Ebay for $375.
  22. Bikenstein, Thank you for your opinion. I agree!
  23. Very cool!
  24. Atari2600, thanks for your input!
  25. Allow me to be "Lucky #13" to Love It! Awesome piece and like the display as well.
  26. BELLIN68, Thanks!
  27. Just my opinion but I'd leave it as is. Looks to be in nice original shape. Just remember, " it can only be original once!" Nice find!
  28. I love it! Great old race car look with an awesome hood scoop! Nice find!
  29. I've been doing quite a bit of research on Midget Mustangs and I've come up with some more info on this yellow Mustang. Based on the plastic steering wheel, the side quarter scoops and the key indicat...
  30. I don't know anything about this car except that it's wicked cool!
  31. mustangtony, thank you for your response. I hadn't really thought of the 535 as the model number but it does make a great deal of sense. Similar to my AMF Fire Chief 503?
  32. Jimbo, thanks for your input- I appreciate it!
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Atkins pedal car


posted 12 years ago