Oxford, NJ

Me and the ''what's Happening '' Gang. From left to right; Roger, Dee, Me and Dwayne ( Hay Hay Hay )


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Vintage Pepsi Sign - Signsin Signs
My Sports Room ( Part 2) - Footballin Football
My Sports Room ( Part 1 ) - Footballin Football
Stutz Bearcat Car - Model Carsin Model Cars
My newest ( 5th ) Pedal Car and  Old Fashioned Gas Pump - Model Carsin Model Cars
Petroliana/ Automotive shed - Petrolianain Petroliana
Model t Go kart - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
Model T Go Kart - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
My growing Pedal Car collection  - Model Carsin Model Cars
1955 Chevy Convertible pedal Car - Model Carsin Model Cars


  1. Amazing Car. That is one to be proud of. Paul
  2. Trey, I appreciate the love. Yes meeting so many LEGENDS has been a blast. Paul
  3. Thanks for the love Nicefice. It has been fun. Paul
  4. Thanks for the love Iggy. You have some cool stuff as well. Paul
  5. Awesome stuff. Thanks for the love on my PEPSI sign Paul
  6. So cool. Love the car and the pump. They go great together. Awesome find. Paul
  7. You did an awesome job. Looks great. Paul
  8. Love it, Love it, Love it.... So cool. Great job. Paul
  9. What a beauty. A real great find to add to your collection. Congrats. Paul
  10. Wow, what a cool piece. you have a great eye. Good luck in the future hunting. Paul
  11. Graumm, Wow , that is a real Beauty. God luck with her. Cheers, Pedal P
  12. Wow, love them both. Great cool Pedal Car and ( Go kart??? ) Mustang. You must really get a lot of attention when you go places. Cheers, Paul
  13. Wow, Must be really nice. Congratulations and good luck.
  14. So true. I got the itch. Couldn't resist. Still looking all the time now lol
  15. Thanks for the kind comments. Also, love your album collection. I remember just sitting there for hours staring at the fronts and backs of them. Great times. Paul
  16. Hello, Thanks for the kind comments. You also have some great items. I never knew what a Knickknackatorian was . Now I know. Paul
  17. Great Truck, Love it. Paul
  18. Wow, What a beautiful car. Great job. Paul
  19. Looks great , awesome piece. Paul
  21. Great job, Keep up the good work. Paul
  22. Wow, Just amazing. Where is this? Paul
  23. Amazing, love it, love it, love it. Paul
  24. Great collection you have Paul
  25. Really nice original Paul
  26. Hello, Thanks for all the kind comments. I too have looked at your collection. It is a great one at that. who new there were so many different kinds of Roadsters. Keep up the good work. Cant wait...
  27. Well if you decide to start one, I am in. Paul
  28. Wow, they really are cool. did not know there was so many in different colors and makes. Very nice collection. Paul
  29. Wow, That's amazing. Great find. Paul
  33. Wow, Amazing what it looks like. Paul
  34. Really nice. Enjoy it. Paul
  35. So Cool. Paul
  36. Holy "BEEP'' that's amazing. Paul
  37. Awesome Pedal Car. Paul
  38. What ever it is. Its Awesome. Paul
  39. Awesome. Love it when Pedal Cars are at Car Shows. Paul
  40. Very cool. Love the collection. Paul
  41. AZTom, Thanks for the kind comments. You to have some great items. Good luck. Paul
  42. Thanks Caperkid. You have some cool stuff as well.
  43. Nice. Beautiful Pedal Car. Good luck. Paul
  44. Beautiful Pedal car. You sure do have a beauty. Paul
  45. Wow, Love it. Good luck. Paul
  46. WOW, What an amazing Pedal Car. That sure is a beauty. Paul
  47. Hello, Pickrknows. Thanks for the kind comments. You also have some really cool items. Good luck on your next hunt. P.S. Love the DOG.
  48. Wow, That's really neat what you did to your garage. Paul
  49. Thank you. Just checked out some of your items. Pretty cool Paul
  50. Awesome. I just picked up 1 myself. exact same kind. Good luck with yours. Paul
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