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Oxford, England

I have a collection of Kosta Boda, mainly Vicke Lindstrand pieces.


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1950s Tourist books for Scottish Highlands - Paperin Paper
Victorian Decanter shaped as a pig - Glasswarein Glassware
Italian cane glass vase/ How old? - Art Glassin Art Glass
Stoneware vase with rough exterior yet glazed internally. Signed WH Help needed! - Potteryin Pottery
Promenade Pottery Brighton art deco vase 1960-70s - Potteryin Pottery
Hydman-Vallien corner - Art Glassin Art Glass
Whitefriars Clear Coffin vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Oldsmobile car badge - Signsin Signs
George Jones fruit bowl 'Magnolia' c1921 - Potteryin Pottery
Ruby Glass Ship whisky decanter - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. I'm sure the skull & crossbones represents an occupation. It is on many ancient gravestones in the UK. I'm certain it is that of a surgeon or a doctor. The crown, I cannot comment but only hazard a gu...
  2. great collection. You might have something there. Check this out and good luck with it!
  3. Is the mark on the red one Anchor Hocking? I can't make it out very well but they did make lots of red glass. Nice piece!
  4. Amethyst indeed, often found on the beach in Scotland
  5. I would love to see it through a glass. Are there any intials or numbers in the centres of any of the flowers? I was thinking Baccarat but it is just a wild guess. Its a beautiful piece of work. Thank...
  6. It certainly looks a quality piece whatever it is. The greens and yellows also point in Kralik's direction but that's just my humble opinion.
  7. You are probably right about its origin although the thorned handle is something I have seen on Kralik pieces around 1880's. It might be worth a look. Kralik glass of that era, in my experience, is wh...
  8. awesome colours, thanks for showing
  9. Try this guy, its a great page. It looks almost Gouda style and certainly has an age to it. Good luck with your research
  10. Thanks! I was in John Lewis recently and had to be dragged from the glass department! You will see the fingernail marks gouged into the floor if you ever go. :)
  11. What mean is, no matter how much I THINK I know, it always pays to check...just in case :)
  12. If you look at the mark of the crossed arrows it could be a Japanese piece decorated in France. It certainly looks like L...
  13. I rescue Ann Warff snowballs from flea markets and car boot sales. I think I have six at the moment and usually pay no more than a pound for them. I should open a refuge for them :). I used to have a ...
  14. I shall take more photographs at the weekend and display it in its best light. The shape is delicious. Any idea of age?
  15. I think this is the same thing :)
  16. The cut bowl in the background is by Villeroy and Boch
  17. could be a card holder as you say. I would hazard a guess of the age being between 1947-1955 judging by the design of Minnie and the made in japan label, which was common at that time, just after the ...
  18. I shall try!
  19. It was an outdoor one which is usually a junk market. If I see another foot spa I'll scream. I have noticed that people are not just selling junk, they are now selling valuables. It was worth a visit.
  20. Excellent! thanks for the information. What makes it even sweeter is I bought a pair.
  21. Its on the outside
  22. you are spot on! Kjellander it is and a number 558-/675 It would be too difficult to photograph but what I have mentioned is true. Thanks you are a star!
  23. That was the label that was on the vase, thank for that. It does look like initials AC and the HH could be L L, HN. NH HL, take your pick!
  24. It is possible. Vicke Lindstrand had a numbering system just like you say. I'll get the big Canon camera out later. Don't you just love the thrill of the chase? LOL Information is sketchy and I have t...
  25. Thank you so much for the information and your view. What I shall do is take better shots and post them. I think a closer scrutiny with a loupe of the signature might help also. It is a quality piece ...
  26. It is a lovely piece of glass, standing about 30cm(12" tall and runs from clear to amber/olive colour glass. :)
  27. Yes, it certainly was. I saw this page and I am certain they are speaking of cur crystal only. Val St Lambert has gone through all sorts of changes and problems over the years and has been propped up...
  28. Hello, erm... Scandinavian, :) Yes they are both the same although the small one is slightly more opaque. Close up it looks like Vasart style glass with that lovely marbling effect. I meant to ask yo...
  29. I'd say China too. The colour is just too colourful (if that make sense!) to be Italian or Czech
  30. It is a type of plaster, then coated with some type of bronze paint like substance. I'm not quite sure. :)
  31. I think you might be correct. It has the word YES in red on the side of the cheek.
  32. Twister Orange is the range
  33. yes it looks like an onion. It is white stripes on one side of the bowl and a dark maroon colour on the other side. I'm glad you like it. It is very Scandinavian style
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