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Absolutely love vintage and antiques, always have collected jewelry, clothing, handbags, mirrors, and lighting. Now am getting much more interested in furniture and Absolutely love vintage and antiques, always have collected jewelry, clothing, handbags, mirrors, and lighting. Now am getting much more interested in furniture and restoring, refinishing, reupholstering and collecting. I am new to this community and it's a bit daunting but I love this site and am learning a lot. I may post asking for help with items now and again and would sincerely love any feedback that the tried and true collectors on this site might have. Thank you! (Read more)


  1. Hey there! I miss all you hazing mofos. Have not been on the site in ages, sadly. Yeah, so thank you about the vintage suitcases. Firstly, gargoykecollector, no they're just stacked which is not super...
  2. look at the legs, that's the problem. I have to get a fourth cast... can't do it myself, though I'd like to.
  3. Loumanal, YOu are fantastic, you too Phil, I absolutely love it as a jewelry stand and just in general
  4. the drawers and door did not close so I had to find pieces of wood and wood glue and cut and shave and sand and clamp. stained and changed hardware, was just for fun and again, something for learning....
  5. PHil, they're from Barcelona, marble. don't care who did them, I just fell in love and could not avert my eyes, my father bought them for me, which was unexpected and lovely, we don't speak anymore. ...
  6. Tom, i checked for markings, nothing, however, from what you just showed me, and tahnks, it seems very likely, esepcially since he seems to be an artist withan utilitarian ethic, stapler for example, ...
  7. oh, I thought you said you posted yours! If so, can you help me find it, would love to see.
  8. where tom, I can't find it!
  9. and Tom, I love you!
  10. Tom, really, I'll look it up right away, I LOVE it and it was reasonably priced 15 years ago.
  11. I want to hear from Phil, Blunderbuss2, and my friends Aimanthena, Amber Rose, and of course FJR2R...
  14. will you post a pic!!
  15. I just love stained glass, of all shapes and shizes and patterns. Doesn't look churchy perhaps from an Amish farmhouse? I'm not sure, just trying..
  16. Aimathena, and the rest of you guys, thank you! Means a lot!
  17. blunderbuss2, that was mean, but I can take it. Thank god for PhillDavidAlexanderMorris, who, byt the way, has the most amazing mid century hospital chairs I've ever seen.
  18. thank you!! Love this site. Hope to gain your respect with some more faves!
  19. thank you!!!!
  20. I love it too, a poster on the site said mine has been restored becuase the pulls are not of the era, so I believe yours are the originals! Enjoy, I love it! I had to do a little work to the back, ea...
  21. totally get it and I'm not selling them! so sorry.
  22. I didn't know it was such a bad thing. Why so angry. I just posted my favorite nighttable. Do you like it?
  23. I didn't read that in the rules
  24. Fhrrjr2, you were so nice before, what happened?
  25. Hey there!! Check out my items. I have the same dresser. I think someone told me it was from Sears!!! I love it so much. It seems handmade to me because of the gorgeous curves and I was told that th...
  26. walksoftly, thanks for your advice and I hope I didn't offend you. I am not selling any of the other items, if I do post them, as it seems I am already wearing out my welcome with 12 items and such a ...
  27. Yes, I just did, my opinion is that cranky crotchety old farts should keep their opinions to themselves
  28. yes, I own plenty that I know well. I'm sorry to have offended you so terribly that you'd write such a comment. I guess I shouldn't feel free to consider myself a part of this community and site that ...
  29. right, good point. I don't really want to sell my treasures, just sometimes because of downsizing storage. Thank you though. WOn't happen again. And yes, will take much better pictures. Thanks for you...
  30. Hey guys, I'm thinking Hollywood Regency, they're wood, and tiny original wheels, LOVE THESE. ANy input from anyone??
  31. Ha ha! What do you think of this deco table? I rely on you guys!
  32. Hollywood regency. Fab!
  33. Does anyone have any information for me on this piece? It's crazy, vintage, tacky, but decadent and somehow ugly good!
  34. Will you check out my side tables? No one likes those. If you think they bare ugly and worthless, you can say that too… I will shudder and hide, but it's ok..
  35. Lol, thanks Tom! I know you're making fun of me! Would you have a look at my side tables with the drawers that Iposted and provide me your expert opinion on those (and of course, feel free to make fu...
  36. HI everyone knowledgeable and lovers of design and beautiful things. I LOVE these two side tables I just acquired. The dowers are very slim and they are both on tiny wheels ghat roll perfectly, the si...
  37. I was hoping to get more pictures today, but had no time. Tomorrow!!
  38. cool, are you guys on same side regarding french?
  39. yes, I am terrible with IDing wood, especially when treated. I will take more photos, will be tough because of light, but I'll bring some flashlights and try my best at being a gaffer. Joints are grea...
  40. Thanks Tom, and years, do you think 19th century? That's what i thought! I'll post more! And check out your collections too! Thanks all! Really looking for input from you guys!
  41. Lol blunderbuss, if they said made in china, I wouldn't be posting!!!! I need to check further tomorrow. I had help carrying the pieces to this storage space and I was very indebted so I didn't much ...
  42. Hey Tom!!! Thanks for jointing. I love it too. Yes, will post tomorrow. I only got to take a few pics because I had very little time because I had help carrying it into this subterranean storage spac...
  43. That's what I was thinking, definitely deco? You guys rock btw!!! Thanks.Did you see the two end tables I posted? What do you think about those?
  44. Agreed, but in terms of style alone, what do you say, 19th century or mid century… wow, now I'm showing my LACK of expertise, but I'm not afraid to admit. I am genuinely eager to learn as much as I ca...
  45. i was thinking french too, but the legs, the box pattern at ten d of legs made me think… maybe Venetian? not sure. What years would you think? Thanks so much for loving the piece too. I'm so excited ...
  46. mean to be like a hall table , that you can put your wallet or keys on say, when you first enter your home? The single gilt wood (i believe support) is originate and exquisite, I just wondered if anyo...
  47. I think French too, blunderbuss, but then again maybe Venetian??? Midcentury deco, hollywood regency? earlier? What do you think?
  48. Thanks Sean, I know.. I LOVE.. so sleek and petite as well. Any insight or detail you can share with me?
  49. Wiggy, thanks so much for your input. Can you tell me more information about it, brief history and approximate value? These are Oak I believe. Thanks so much! Tiarra
  50. Thanks lundy. I appreciate that! Would you be able to enlighten me a little, like details , era, how much you think the value is, etc?
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Vintage Cookie a Cutters Pyrex and Fire King Baking Dishes Hamilton Manufacturing Printers Cabinet Art Nouveau Loetz Ausfuehrung 44 - 1907 Vase Bowl Glass Bowl Old Dresser with Wooden Casters Leaded Stained Glass Window My Toy Mixers Arthur Umanoff by Raymor shelving/cabinet unit Cupboard- kuhne Pair of Smoked Glass End Tables.  Any guess on the age of them??




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