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Little Rock, AR

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Born and raised in the South, I've spent half my life in Little Rock and the other half in South Georgia. My grandmother was an antique dealer and as a child I spenBorn and raised in the South, I've spent half my life in Little Rock and the other half in South Georgia. My grandmother was an antique dealer and as a child I spent my Saturdays rummaging through every garage sale, estate sale, and flea market around. Needless to say, I developed an extreme appreciation for the past and all its treasures. When other girls hung their New Kids posters above their beds, I hung my Elvis & Marilyn Monroe ones. Look up eclectic in the dictionary, and I am positive you'll find my picture. None of my furniture matches in the traditional sense of the term, and I love it. For as long as I can remember, family and friends have said they are most comfortable in my home...I love that too! My grandmother passed almost 15 years ago, and I still miss her every single day. I collect an eclectic mix of things...old ginger spice tins (a collection my Grandmother started for me when I was 9...I'll refrain from stating how long ago that was), Aynsley cups & saucers, Hollywood memorabilia, Henry Clive tins, Canco tins (I LOVE old tins), and unusual paper ephemera. (Read more)


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Fenton White Glass Crimped Crest Bowl Vase 5-1/2" with 6-1/2" rim...Is this GOLD Crest or Amber Crest or what? - Art Glassin Art Glass
Black Enamelware Pots with Lids, Red & Yellow Flowers - Kitchenin Kitchen
Pink Pottery Planter, Cannot Read Marks Clearly, 4" with 8-1/4" diameter, Shawnee? - Potteryin Pottery
Whisky Jug Pitcher - Potteryin Pottery
What type, or style of shoe is Francis Dee wearing in this photo?  - Shoesin Shoes
Niloak Pottery Pink/Purple Southern Belle? Original Label & Marked on Bottom, but cannot find one??? - Potteryin Pottery
Three Ironstone Nesting Platters...breathtaking green flowers. Is this Limoges? Unmarked  - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Very interesting old postcard - Postcardsin Postcards
Help with a Litho in USA postcard, please: looks to be a sort of travel log postcard - Postcardsin Postcards
Old German Metal Art Tin, Early 1900s?   - Art Decoin Art Deco


  1. Wow! This is an amazing piece.
  2. Great idea...I never would have thought about this. I'll give it a try! Thanks!
  3. Thanks everyone! I too tried to do a Google Image search, with no luck. Honestly, this piece is so beautiful in person...I am in love with it, and it's just the simplest little thing! I would like ...
  4. Sorry, I forgot to give dimensions: 6" tall 3-1/4" base 4" rim (to tip of spout) holds 24 ounces no markings
  5. Still wondering about this lady...
  6. Still no id on these...
  7. That is incredibly awesome
  8. Well, I think after nearly a year I've figured it out?? It's Pitcairns Turnstall England, though I'm still puzzled as to why it is unmarked??
  9. Mikkochristmas & chinablue...would y'all mind looking at the pottery bowl I have post? It's a question about a mark (can you believe I actually have a "marked" question :) I thought maybe van briggle...
  10. Yes, they are definately bright white, no cream to them. The shape that you mention is why I started to notice the Limoges pieces really suited the same shape as mine. Time and time again, but the dec...
  11. Thanks for the nod ;) Even though I didn't get you a name like Toni Hawaii...but we can't all be experts...sigh...
  12. I think he's been swigging on whatever is in that there jug, and is singing ;) Love it!
  13. Aether is latin for Ether, so Lotum would make more it an "m"? I would be very careful with this stuff, though it dies look to be quite old, the chemicals from it's breakdown can be more d...
  14. Sorry, "Lotun"?
  15. I'm a pharmacist (PharmD) by trade, I think I'm seeing "Luton", is that correct? Can you take a closer and larger picture? I'm pretty sure I know, but want to make sure! Very nice find, btw!
  16. Hello! So pleased that this very well thought of china expert is going to help!!! Yeah!!! Ok, yes...I can answer all those questions (and prolly should have listed much of the info to begin with, but...
  17. Fabulous! Thanks for these!
  18. Thanks a ton, really :)
  19. Thanks again! I clicked on the link, and read where it says you may email them questions, but see no email? I'll keep reading until I find one though, for sure! I'll let you know what they tell me!
  20. Thanks for the love, guys :)
  21. You know what...I think these are Limoges...
  22. Thank you so much for looking into them...I know, they are truly truly should see them in person! I'm beginning to wonder if they're not newer than I was thinking? Like maybe Homer Lau...
  23. You know, I went to the link you provided, and it mentioned And I'm finding out that actually a good bit of the OLD stuff with "signed", so that may indeed be a signature, but I ...
  24. Ha, thanks...but that's the problem...I don't think they're really hallmarks, ugh!
  25. Thank you :)
  26. Absolutely striking...
  27. It's lovely, and reminds me of a pink & blue one I have, same bottom and though different colors, the same darker applied handle. Very pretty...I'll let you know if I come up with one of yours while r...
  28. Meakin??
  29. That is superb! I usually am not drawn to pink glass, but this pitcher is simply lovely!
  30. Well, does! What a pleasant surprise to get a reply to this post so long from the original. I will look into that, and thanks!
  31. Oh, I would love love love to get my hands on one of these! Great find!
  32. Fabulous!!
  33. Fabulous! Thanks so much for sharing this...
  34. They are fabulous!
  35. Oh my!! Love this...I collect Jacob tins for my husband (Jacob)...thanks for sharing!!
  36. Nevermind...I just "edited" the original photos? There is now a close up of the flowers, and two photos of different random? marks on back of two of the platters. Thanks for any help!
  37. Really great, thank you for sharing...
  38. Fabulous fabulous photo, love it...
  39. whoops...totally wrong sorry...
  40. Yep...thank you, I have visited both of those sites, however there is no mention of BLACK repos...also, there are some sales on worthpoint (which I realize online auctions/sellers do not always accura...
  41. Fabulous...simply fabulous!
  42. Actually, I think they may be daisy flowers...I should post a closer picture of the flowers, and will in a well as a photo of the back (you are right...I should have known better and done so ...
  43. Btw, there is gold trim on the end, so that is what you see in the photos, it is not the chip of which I mentioned :)
  44. To me, the metal arts are every bit as amazing...totally underrated art form. Love your set, and I'm green with envy! I know right where I would put them in my home ;)
  45. Gorgeous...absolutely gorgeous...$8!! What a fabulous deal for these beauties...
  46. Wow...that is an incredible grouping!!
  47. My name is Ginger, and when I was a little girl, my Grandmother (an antique dealer), started me a collection of old ginger spice tins, and various gingerbread men items. I have stuck to collecting the...
  48. I've still gotten no where on this tin...and it's driving me "slightly mad"..."it finally happened, oh yes..."
  49. God, that one with Dylan is spectacular!
  50. Ok, well I just was directed to this site... And, it is indeed like my card, but why is mine not colored or sig...
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