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I am a passionate antique playing card collector along with my husband. If you are interested in this hobby check out - I love this website and hope I am a passionate antique playing card collector along with my husband. If you are interested in this hobby check out - I love this website and hope to see more items and questions posted in the future. Enjoy collecting! (Read more)


Tallies and Playing Cards - Cardsin Cards
1970's POP Playing Card Deck. - Cardsin Cards
ART DECO PLAYING CARDS c1920 - Cardsin Cards
Murphy Varnish Playing Cards - Cardsin Cards


  1. I believe you will get what they are worth on ebay. However take much better and clearer pictures as I personally wouldn't buy anything I couldn't see clearly. I hope both decks have jokers and do sho...
  2. PS Riply206 - you sound pretty expert to me!
  3. Just realised that you do not have the Congress box, but are both decks in the 500 box? If so do they both have 52 cards plus the jokers, (only one issued in that period). 500 is actually a different...
  4. This is a good find especially with the jokers matching the backs. The Congress decks with matching jokers were few and far between and generally worth more as those designs were also published withou...
  5. This is such an nice item, the style of the case is not uncommon but I have never seen this great advertising set before (have collected cards for over 40 years). Special packaging for two super coke ...
  6. Thanks Inky me too!
  7. They are relatively common and unfortunately condition counts a lot in playing cards. I think your display is great and that's the best use for them!
  8. Cool cards all circa 1915 - 25. Love the Marguerite one particularly.
  9. Card collectors are more interested in seeing the card back which should be pasted on the back of the three hard boxes. If they are the same as the cards inside they will date 1920-1935 approximently....
  10. Check out tallies on eBay, there are often some nice ones there. Antique shows and malls also.
  11. These are French fortune-telling cards (could be used to play cards with). They are old probably c1890 and probably had 36 cards originally. Although they are old they do not have much value as the ...
  12. This nice deck is made in Belgium circa 1910. It is quite common as there were many decks produced during that period with many having scenic aces from different countries. To own a deck this old an...
  13. The Best card is the Joker so the deck is complete! A great find, lots of card collectors would like to be so lucky!
  14. Is the goose card the joker or the back of the cards?
  15. A nice old deck from about 1910. The back is part of the monotone series, many made so it is not very valuable unless it is sparkling mint with bright gold edges. As is it might be worth $20.
  16. You have found yourself a real goodie. It is one of the most sought after American Advertising decks, 1879. Condition and completeness are paramount - there should be 52 cards plus the joker (1)! If...
  17. These are old, probably 1880-90 and probably German. They could be fortunetelling cards. Very nice!
  18. These look good but if they were really old that box couldn't belong as decks period to those court cards would not have that box. Very interesting but probably an older reproduction that we have nev...
  19. I wouldn't. Just wrap the box in tissue or saran wrap to save them wearing. Hopefully the cards are unused, that will also affect the value.
  20. Info which probably dates these nice decks which were no doubt made for the first manned lunar orbital mission, making 10 orbits around the moon. The New York Times, Dec 25, 1968 headlined "3 Men Fly...
  21. PS they should also have a joker or they will lose a little of their value.
  22. Possibly on ebay - that would give them the greatest exposure.
  23. This beautiful pinup deck which is known as the Vargas deck is very easy to find as they were too nice to be used for playing card games with. They were made in the 50's and republished a few years l...
  24. To remove a sticker or any other glued on paper thing, try lighter fluid. It will not hurt the existing paper even if it is very old and fragile. Let it soak in and then gently slide it off. It real...
  25. This is a lovely deck. If you google Neckarsteinach you see it is a town in Germany which has four castles. This deck was probably manufactured about 1890 in either Germany or Belgium. I have no ide...
  26. The word Billabong is an Australian word meaning Lake. The animals depicted are koala bears and kangaroos only found in Australia. They are probably from the 1980's.
  27. Probably this deck was made by Gibson.
  28. See more


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