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Coca Cola Junior Cooler NYD - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
8 Dot 7up Bottle - Bottlesin Bottles
Labatt's Lite Beer Sign - Signsin Signs
7up Cardboard Sign - Signsin Signs
Coca Cola Palm Push - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Pepsi Clock - Signsin Signs
Pepsi Sign - Advertisingin Advertising
Crown bottles - Bottlesin Bottles
Gluek Brewing Company bottle - Bottlesin Bottles
Wynola Sign - Signsin Signs


  1. Hi Trevor. I just found a cooler like this. Original lid. Again no indication of there ever being a motor. The ice box liner has a wooden bottom which is weird. I have part of a serial number p...
  2. Thanks Iggy. I saw your line up of 8 dots.....super nice collection. Well done. Shows there are a lot of different bottle variants for the 8 dots to collect.
  3. Thanks Daddy Nobucks. Any thoughts on age? Some Canadian comments on a Facebook site state original with suggested age of 1939-1940
  4. Interesting post SpiritBear. You are right about similarities, especially with logo and slogan. As far as I can find out, Crown Beverages was bottled in Winnipeg, Manitoba and distributed only withi...
  5. Guess my emoji's don't translate and turn into question marks. Oops
  6. Thanks everyone for the ??. SpiritBear you are very helpful! Thanks for taking the time to comment and pass on your knowledge. I figured it was from before prohibition. Cool bottle ????
  7. Wynola was a franchise that distributed across Canada, starting around mid 1930's.
  8. Glad you like it Iggy. The guy I bought it from had another different sign with same logo.....with stamp "Barker 1963". I should have bought that one too. ????
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1939 Coca-Cola Salesman Sample Cooler 7up fresh up sign Westinghouse 42 inch with motor and water 1936 Coca-Cola sign updated...not quite finished 1965 Coca-Cola Sign westinghouse we-6 coke machines Coca Cola Antique Coca Cola sign   Mission "ORANGE" Ice Cold  double-sided flange tin sign Classic orange crush machine Budweiser neon sign Coca Cola Cooler/Chest Cornelius Slider Cooler


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