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My range of likes knows no bounds. I like the dirty and beaten up stuff as well as the pristine.


  1. Thanks everyone. I haven't been on much lately. Just got this back the other day I thought I would share. I have a duplicate to this one but I think it may be too far gone.
  2. I have my mother's "Woz" that she bought while teaching when these came out. Not sure if it will turn on or not. I'll get around to checking it out someday.
  3. Sorry, I didn't have notifications set. The motor was used to operate the pumps at the local Shell oil company. I posted a picture of it recently. It is in need of restoration but intact.
  4. Very nice. Good choice on leAving mostly as-is. By the way, Pepsi is better. Just kidding.
  5. Thanks CAD
  6. Very nice.
  7. Thanks everyone.
  8. Do you have any connections that may be able to help provide info on my pepsi poster? I've exhausted most of mine including some very knowledgeable "Pepsi" guys.
  9. Thanks. I have the second in the series as well. Will posr it later. It realy is a striking piece of black americana. I suppose thats why its so heavily reproduced.
  10. I have one similar to this that I hope to restore. I'm thinking of powder coating it but haven't decided for sure. Good Job.
  11. Was this in North Carolina?
  12. Did he fight chickens too? Foxhunting and Moonshine. He didn't know Percy Flowers did he?
  13. My sister has my grandmother's singer, which is nearly identical. Beautiful.
  14. I'm thinking the bottle on the left could possibly be a graduated nursing bottle.
  15. The best I can tell from the picture, the clear bottle on the left is probably from the early 1940's. It probably had a paper label above and below the embossed area. Probably Duraglas. It would have ...
  16. I love it. It would look good at my kitchen bar. I need two.
  17. Thanks. I would love to have found the entire uniform, but I'm glad to have found this much.
  18. Added the back label.
  19. I can't recall exact dimensions but this poster is rather large. I'm guessing 30 x42. I'll have to verify. I've talked with the guy that has the other known copy. He's one of the largest Pepsi collect...
  20. Yes, it does have a label on the back in good condition. I don't have a picture, but while try to post one.
  21. I've still got mine. Very heavy. Maybe I'll have it restored one day. Yours looks nice.
  22. I have an old Fairbanks-Morse single piston motor. 6hp I think.
  23. I think so too. My wife even likes them enough to keep them in the house. Wish I could find more info on them.
  24. Thanks. I was surprised to find it.
  25. http://www.shorpy.com/node/2434
  26. Its un rural person county
  27. I have one of these, but its a cloth/canvas type material. I try to post a pic next week.
  28. It's right in the heart of the world's tobacco capital at that time. Maybe they sold peanuts for the Coke. I don't know about this store, but some you could walk in and get yourself some nice non-taxa...
  29. Thanks. I can't take any credit for the image, but I thought it was worth sharing. This building is still standing but not in the best state of repair. Hopefully someone will save it.
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5 gallon   Eat Tom's Toasted Peanuts Standard Oil of Indiana Old tin Coca Cola Sign Embossed my first midcentury find unknown designer/maker Some ACL soda pop bottles~Wonder Beverages  OLD Pepsi bottle


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