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Rag Tag Collection - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola


  1. blunderbuss2, Good advice, thanks, but She would win-out every time.
  2. Robeo4, I must be getting old... you have my sincerest apology. Your's IS in mint condition. TGBWC - I 'm waiting for the prints to come back from Jiffy-Lube... Seriously, I w...
  3. Is this a porcelain sign? I hate to be negative, but I question this sign's age. I've never seen raised lines behind this (or any) coca cola logo. If it's not porcelain, then it seems like it wou...
  4. Beautiful... I love anything with the Coca-Cola script logo in "raised" lettering. In plastic or metal. You want to run your fingers over them... then with a soft cloth, gently brush over them. ...
  5. I love the Pepsi-Cola cap logo merged with Coca-Cola Red
  6. I have to say.... It looks Great! Congrats - Red
  7. Great Clock,would love to own it myself, but it was definitely not produced for Coca-Cola. The logo disappears when lit, plus the extra neon tubing on right and left of the words means this wasn't...
  8. This is sweet... before they really knew what they wanted to do with "ENJOY". Nice clean-up photos also. The cave never looked nicer..... good job. Red-R
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