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  1. Looks like they went a tad over the top with the Coca-Cola theme. Too much decals...
  2. You might even be able to get the end reproduced on canvas. Contact a local printer.
  3. Yes, it is a great piece of history...even in this condition. They just don't show up that often. Suggestion for mounting it: Most color copiers can reproduce good quality color, even picking up the w...
  4. Since The Coca-Cola Company never produced gumball machines, it's not authentic. Not even sure it's old. Looks like a newer novelty machine that someone added a new Coke sticker to.
  5. This is a pretzel bowl. Worth anywhere from $100-$300 depending on condition. Yours looks to be in fair/poor condition and is missing the rubber bases to the Coke bottle "legs."
  6. These were used for testing the Coca-Cola syrup mixture. This bottle is from the 1940's. Coca-Cola used these bottles in the lab to test syrup mixture and quality. Very common and not worth more than ...
  7. Good one. But then, you've got nothing valuable to hide. :)
  8. Which honey, Daddy_Nobucks or signaholic?
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