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Decatur, IL

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I collect elegant and depression era glass, especially candlesticks.


1900?  Fountain Glasses - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola


  1. This was made by Hazel-Atlas Glass and is called a candy plate and named "Soundwave" on page 158 of Florence's Hazel-atlas book. You can also see it here:
  2. These are made by Cambridge Glass and are shown on page 155 of the Whitmeyer's Bedroom and Bathroom Glassware of the Depression Years in pink. The writing is barely visible in the picture, but it's t...
  3. A circled M is the mark of Mosser Glass Westmoreland's mark is a keystone W - not a circle- A cir...
  4. If I were to contact you earlycoke, how would I do so? My email is Nothing to do with my state of mind, lol, it's my glassie account.
  5. Here's a fabulous site on European pressed glass... I know this has been here a while but just in case :)
  6. Just an additional comment - I got the catalog info in Monograph No. 61 of the West Virginia Museum of American Glass - catalog page 13.
  7. Nice one! This is made by Dunbar and was in their 1931 catalog as #1136 Beverage Jug w/cover and came in pink and green.
  8. Looks like Tiffin to me - here's an example -
  9. See more


ruby red and pink prong set rhinestone bracelet unmarked can you id maker? Van Briggle Pottery Art Deco Depression Green Objects BLACK HISTORY BOOKS Silver Overlay Tea Set ~ Maker? Depression glass pitcher but what pattern????


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