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Fallowfield Facile... or is it?!? - Camerasin Cameras
1,2,3,4 KODAK - Camerasin Cameras
Boston or Blair? - Camerasin Cameras
Early Blair(?).... but which model - Camerasin Cameras
Early Folder. Needs an Identity - Camerasin Cameras
Rainbow Hawkeye Vest Pocket - Camerasin Cameras
Kodak Ensemble in Old Rose - Camerasin Cameras
Benson Dry Plate camera - Factory specs or Frankenstein? - Camerasin Cameras


  1. Thank you for your insight and research. I searched McKeown’s and nothing but a comment on the Fallowfield Facile that the company distributed cameras but did not, in fact, manufacture them. To me, th...
  2. Never seen a pigeon camera before. How do they teach the bird to change the aperture? ;)
  3. Does serial # have any bearing on restoration? With the No. 4. I have not yet stamped the serial # in the leather at the back of the camera. For me, it also seemed like a good idea to NOT restore t...
  4. Thanks for the comments... and Rob, I will do my best to get a LOVE IT response from you on one of my posts in the future. I really appreciated your comments in your CW interview. You are a motivatin...
  5. Thanks for your Comment Mr. Niederman. If this was your camera would you remove the after market aperture disc in order to return the camera to it's original condition? or is the camera more valuable...
  6. An amazing collection. Thanks for sharing it here.
  7. Does this camera get FM as well as AM?
  8. A Rowsell's Graphoscope. Very nice.
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‘ARET’ -  WIINBLAD FOR NYMOLLE KERAMISKE FABRIK No2A Beau Brownie tan Favorite Cameras Indra Lux A Rare and Elegant 1903 Presentation Camera Fallowfield's "Facile": An 1890s Concealed Camera Ansco Memo "wood & brass" No.2 Rainbow Hawk-Eye - George Washington Bicentennial 1732-1932 Puck box camera 1890s Kozy Cameras: A Bookform Design What is it?


Old box camera


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