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I collect vintage cameras, records, comics and other stuff.


  1. John Kratz: Indeed. I still count this as one of my best finds ever.
  2. Looks like it's possibly for making stereo cards for hand-held viewing, but that would only be in vertical format. Unless perhaps they were printed out and then pasted in place? Dunno.
  3. Thank you rniederman! The combo didn't work on the first one I tried, but it did on subsequent ones. Hallelujah! - I bought one several years ago, along with a few old cameras, from a woman who's hu...
  4. Bought a nice original Opper Sunday funnies, hand-drawn, 6-panel strip at an estate sale last weekend. It's fairly large and even has written pencil notes by Opper giving instructions to the colorist,...
  5. My wife always complains about the dust problem..... :(
  6. John: I wonder if yours is the silver version and perhaps the badge fell off over time, or perhaps didn't come with one to begin with. Would love to see it.
  7. True scottvez. There are many of these out there and the scope and variety is almost endless. Sometimes the ribbons are in sad shape but the medallions and celluloid badges/pins can be salvaged.
  8. Thanks PostCardCollector! I have a collection of postcards as well! One collection at a time :)
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The Eastman Kodak 'Saving Dimes For Cameras' Cylinder Bank Student Camera No.1 (with accessory rock): late 1880s - 90s Gibbs Camera (½-plate format), 1888 Premo Supreme Camera. 1902. (The ultimate American self-casing plate camera?) Brass Volute Shutter. c.1902 (the beauty of early camera shutters #9) COMIC STRIP CHARACTER "HAPPY HOOLIGAN" IN HIS LITTLE TIN CAN HAT Nobody's Friend Ihagee Photoknips No. 100 - 4.5 x 6cm Plate Camera Hand Painted Brass Figurines Updated Camera Display Bear Photo Special Box Camera Odd Fellows Ribbons, Medallions & Celluloid Pins Bear Photo Special Box Camera 1930's Kodak Retina Projector And 4 Adaptors (Germany)


Diver, Bronze circa 1925 Bear Photo Special Royal Mail Stamp Camera, 1907-15 Vest Pocket Format Monroe Camera, c.1898


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