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I have been collecting and selling antique and vintage items for a few decades. My store at has a variety or unique items which can be an excelleI have been collecting and selling antique and vintage items for a few decades. My store at has a variety or unique items which can be an excellent addition to your existing collection or a great start up for a new hobby. My store provides decorative items, furniture, collectors items and much more. Please feel free to stop and check it out. Your presents is greatly appreciated. I am learning every day about the great craftsmanship from the past and cannot believe how inventive can humankind be when they put their dreams in action. (Read more)


  1. Beautiful ????
  2. Thank you, PhilDMorris and mikelv85.
  3. Thank you Tennessee 123. and Pandora20k.
  4. Thank you Newfld.
  5. dav2no1 THANK YOU. I don't know how you had done it but I appreciate your. I had spent hours looking for the mark.
  6. DejaVu2 thank you
  7. Thank you Mystaplers.
  8. Dav2no1, CannyonRoad, and scottvez thank you for your helpful information. You had addressed my concerns right on the point. It is very unsettling that people allover the internet are posting items wi...
  9. Thank you Newfld and PhilDMorris
  10. Thank yo Newfld.
  11. Love it
  12. Thank you Newfld.
  13. Thank you Newfld. It does look like some of the Katuni pieces that I was able to find, however the signature search does not lead me anywhere. Are you familiar with this kind of mark?
  14. Great looking item. I bet some kids had a lot of fun with great memories. Thanks for the post
  15. Wow, how easy we forget. This brings back some memories, maybe not that far, but similar. All the fun we had outdoors with little that we got. Thank you for the post.
  16. Sorry for the late arrival but this brooch is beautiful.
  17. You are located very close to me Brunswick. I had a set of the statues including Stanley and Hardy and another of Charlie Chaplin in the same design. I had own them for a while but both had found new ...
  18. Love it. I have one like yours and it's sign A. Santini. It does have a repair on the base but I just had to have it. Great find.
  19. They are truly amazing. So much details packed in smaller size.
  20. Darn autocorrect, crow I meant.
  21. Very nice, your post had given me clues about my little runner. Similar colors and geometrical design. I had followed the comments and it was Maya craw or turkey. Love your item.
  22. My Country, I am not much of the cook. I hope to restore it and they still woul look nice hanging of the iron posts above the countertop, I hope.
  23. Thanks Tanni. I hope to have time to try all of the recommendation.
  24. Rockbat I have these citems at home as well and will try which works the best. Thank you. The interior is nice,so it's worth elbow grease work.
  25. Fleafinder, what's a great idea. I have all of it at home and will give it a try. Thanks.
  26. Thank you dlpeterson and blunderbuss2 for your responses. I will check Easy-off as I had never heard of it. I also have some copper cleaner and might try that too. They just are so messed up.
  27. I coul stay at that museum forever.
  28. Hi, I have nothing like your items but was glad to see caged glass. I have an kerosene lamp top on my site but this post had not allowed me to include the picture. You can check it out if you want. I ...
  29. I am glad I could help. It still can be older than 70s it is just the style that is similar. I hope someone can pinpoint it little better.
  30. Hello, this is a very nice doll and looks like she might be from Europe. She reminds me of a dolls that I played with in early 70's in Poland but her dress could be from Romania or Hungary as it has a...
  31. Thank you very much. I had seen them also as I was growing up and they do bring back some memories.
  32. Thank you. That is around the time that I was thinking 1980s to 2000. Would love to know who made them. Appreciate the comment.
  33. How modern? I am still clueless on the possible year or who could make it? Appreciate all the help. thank you
  34. Do you know how modern are we talking about. I am trying to find year of production. THank you.
  35. I am thinking about dry cleaning, I don't want to make him wet. ( I had destroyed a very cute, antique monkey in the past). Thank you.
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Charlie Chaplin seating on the bench.