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I have been collecting and selling antique and vintage items for a few decades. My store at has a variety or unique items which can be an excelleI have been collecting and selling antique and vintage items for a few decades. My store at has a variety or unique items which can be an excellent addition to your existing collection or a great start up for a new hobby. My store provides decorative items, furniture, collectors items and much more. Please feel free to stop and check it out. Your presents is greatly appreciated. I am learning every day about the great craftsmanship from the past and cannot believe how inventive can humankind be when they put their dreams in action. (Read more)


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Scratch board style framed print, who is the artist? - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
Vintage 11" tall Rococo style porcelain figures  - Figurinesin Figurines
Japanese porcelain pot - Asianin Asian
Amazing Adventures vol 2 no 9 August 1980 comic question Stan Lee - Comic Booksin Comic Books
Vintage milk glass drinking mugs beer steins with embossed design, Federal Glass Co. - Glasswarein Glassware
Vintage merchant ships Sterra black and white large photo - Photographsin Photographs
Possibly Russian white porcelain bottle or jug white and blue - Bottlesin Bottles
Tony Perkins and James Dean vinyl record interview. - Moviesin Movies
RedWing Pottery large, rose decorated, pitcher. - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Perfume dauber with lip gloss storage. - Bottlesin Bottles


  1. Thank you Newfld.
  2. Thank you Newfld. It does look like some of the Katuni pieces that I was able to find, however the signature search does not lead me anywhere. Are you familiar with this kind of mark?
  3. Thank you forthpatche and dav2no1. That was what I was thinking.
  4. Great looking item. I bet some kids had a lot of fun with great memories. Thanks for the post
  5. Wow, how easy we forget. This brings back some memories, maybe not that far, but similar. All the fun we had outdoors with little that we got. Thank you for the post.
  6. Maryland glass company mark used from around 1921 to 1971
  7. Hi InfinirySJ I don't have the elephant anymore but he did remained a mystery till the end. I had no information about him beside what I had posted. Really sad, he was great despite his condition. So...
  8. Sorry for the late arrival but this brooch is beautiful.
  9. You are located very close to me Brunswick. I had a set of the statues including Stanley and Hardy and another of Charlie Chaplin in the same design. I had own them for a while but both had found new ...
  10. Brunswick, in my case it is sentimental, using vintage equipment just adds to the experience. I will eventually change the wiring and that would help.
  11. Love it. I have one like yours and it's sign A. Santini. It does have a repair on the base but I just had to have it. Great find.
  12. Thank you Brunswick and blunderbuss2 for all the comments. I just wish the wiring on my recordplayer was better, but it is an old Sanyo.
  13. Thank you Newfld.
  14. Newfld, thank you for your comment. They are unique and nicely decorated. Thank you.
  15. Mrstyndall, you are right. I had seen the perfume bottle that you had shown and they look very similar. I am not sure about the age but 70 might be right. Thank you for your information.
  16. Hello, Gillian. I had added 2 pictures. I hope it helps.
  17. Fleafinder thank you very much. I still can see pictures similar to this one in Asian business today. It is good to finally know what is written on it. I really appreciate your help.
  18. Thanks Newfld, any idea on age?
  19. Thanks Gillian, Newfld and Brunswick.
  20. Thanks.
  21. Thanks everyone Newfld, racer4four, Brunswick, pw-collector.
  22. Andreamw, I didn't had much time lately to research this bracelet but, finally, I got some good information about Goldette unsign jewelry. In 1960 not all pieces were sign and they are true Goldette a...
  23. They are truly amazing. So much details packed in smaller size.
  24. Thanks Newfld, I like the details in it as well.
  25. My computer is experiencing a hiccup. Thank you dlpetersen. This find was a pleasant surprise.
  26. Thanks, Mrstyndall.
  27. Maryh1956, porcelain blanks were sold by famous factories all over. Than, skilled artist could decorate them as they pleased. You probably needed to have some good financial spending power to buy blan...
  28. Than you Newfld.
  29. Darn autocorrect, crow I meant.
  30. Very nice, your post had given me clues about my little runner. Similar colors and geometrical design. I had followed the comments and it was Maya craw or turkey. Love your item.
  31. Mistery solved, thanks Manikin. I had found this doll on eBay mentioned as early Mexican doll. No other information provided.
  32. Thank you Manikin. What is the material? Is it some kind of paper and sawdust mixture? Would you have some more information?
  33. Hello Gillian. Thank you for your response. I was originally only considering a vase but the top just began to look like it was missing something. From Corcoran's work I had not seen perfume bottles, ...
  34. Thanks Nefwfld.
  35. My Country, I am not much of the cook. I hope to restore it and they still woul look nice hanging of the iron posts above the countertop, I hope.
  36. Thanks Tanni. I hope to have time to try all of the recommendation.
  37. Thank you racer4four. I like it as well. Kind of amazing that it had lasted in this condition.
  38. Thank you Newfld. It seems as it can be more of a Mediterranean design. It is a really small piece but I do like it as well.
  39. I had found a whole bunch of references when I added more information. Verichron Quartz. They were not exact but close enough.
  40. Rockbat I have these citems at home as well and will try which works the best. Thank you. The interior is nice,so it's worth elbow grease work.
  41. Fleafinder, what's a great idea. I have all of it at home and will give it a try. Thanks.
  42. Does anyone have information about the JM or TM Phillips? Phillip's duck decoy artist have different first name. I tried to Google search TM Or JM and still can't find any information.
  43. Thank you dlpeterson and blunderbuss2 for your responses. I will check Easy-off as I had never heard of it. I also have some copper cleaner and might try that too. They just are so messed up.
  44. Thank you lzenglish.
  45. Wow, Alwaysflyin, it is excactly the bracelet design that I have. If it is a reproduction of Goldette someone had done amazing job. Thank you Andreamw for additional details. Appreciate your help as a...
  46. Thank you Gillian for some great direction. I had found a plate and the vase from the same design but they are sold and I had not gotten any additional information. My vase, unlike other PV items is e...
  47. I coul stay at that museum forever.
  48. Thank you pw-collector for the link.
  49. Hello, antiquerose. Thank you very much for your help. The link had yelled the image. I will look for more information. Appreciate your help.
  50. How appropriate it would be of me to get it in front of my fireplace. The top is an embroidery hoop, so it could be that someone was utilizing their items for further use, I really don't know. You had...
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Charlie Chaplin seating on the bench.


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