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I have been collecting and selling antique and vintage items for a few decades. My store at has a variety or unique items which can be an excelleI have been collecting and selling antique and vintage items for a few decades. My store at has a variety or unique items which can be an excellent addition to your existing collection or a great start up for a new hobby. My store provides decorative items, furniture, collectors items and much more. Please feel free to stop and check it out. Your presents is greatly appreciated. I am learning every day about the great craftsmanship from the past and cannot believe how inventive can humankind be when they put their dreams in action. (Read more)


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Southwestern vintage wool rug runner. - Rugs and Textilesin Rugs and Textiles
Porcelain, does anyone knows what is the pattern? - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Nike sample shoes. - Shoesin Shoes
Decipher the message, help needed. - Asianin Asian
Old handcrafted quilted blanket. - Rugs and Textilesin Rugs and Textiles
Woven bowl. - Furniturein Furniture
Pig cookie jar puzzle. - Kitchenin Kitchen
Shirley Temple doll. - Moviesin Movies
Perfume Cologne large pink glass bottle. - Bottlesin Bottles
Lidded jars. Beautiful marked with capodimonte mark. - Potteryin Pottery


  1. Happy New Year, thanks for all the help in 20017. Love this photo.
  2. Thank you. You are completely right ConyonRoad.
  3. Thank you PhilDMorris.
  4. Hi, I have nothing like your items but was glad to see caged glass. I have an kerosene lamp top on my site but this post had not allowed me to include the picture. You can check it out if you want. I ...
  5. Thank you.
  6. Thank you Manikin.
  7. She is around 21" tall.
  8. She is original with markings on neck and back. I might store her in a better location. The hair are soft but I am not an expert on mohair Thank you for your information. I probably leave her hair al...
  9. Hi, thank you Manikin. I am thinking Japan as well but could not find this mark at Nippon. Will look again. I checked some articles and jars feel like chalkware and is light.
  10. Hi, I am still trying to find more information about the books.
  11. Hi, Gillian. Thank you for your information.
  12. Caperkid , it is really amazing how staff can trigger our memories and bring the past so clearly into the present. I bet you had a great time with your brother. Thank you for your comment.
  13. Manikin thank you very much for your expertize. I appreciate your help. Sorry I couldn't answer sooner but It was just a busy end of the week. Thank you for the article as well. I hope you have a gre...
  14. Like I expected the phone number doesn't work.
  15. Hi, Bluenderbuss2. I had figured that it was the reprint from their notes but do you have any idea when it was reprinted? Who where they (G2 Ltd)? I look at the older postcards history and G2 is not m...
  16. hello, can any one read the lettering on one of the pictures. Appreciate any help. It would be interesting to find out what it is?
  17. Thank you very much to both if you.
  18. Thank you pops52 and Dizzydave , I appreciate your quick expertize. How I couldn't find any of it is beyond me.
  19. Thank you very much. What is the dangle at the end, does it go through the button hole? Is it just a weighted decor? Do you think that it was plated or brass? Sorry, for so many questions.
  20. Thank you very much Manikin, this is exactly the doll you are talking about. I appreciate the help. Can you see the other doll that I posted as well, maybe she will look familiar. Have a great day.
  21. I am glad I could help. It still can be older than 70s it is just the style that is similar. I hope someone can pinpoint it little better.
  22. Hello, this is a very nice doll and looks like she might be from Europe. She reminds me of a dolls that I played with in early 70's in Poland but her dress could be from Romania or Hungary as it has a...
  23. Thank you very much scottvez for your information. I appreciate your time. Thank you Gillian as well. I think you are right. Do you have maybe any idea who marked their lamps TC?
  24. Thanks Efesgirl. That is it! I appreciate your help. I guess you have to know where to look. Thank you for solving my dilemma. Great article as well. Subi450
  25. Thank you for all the help
  26. Thank you very much. I had seen them also as I was growing up and they do bring back some memories.
  27. Thank you. That is around the time that I was thinking 1980s to 2000. Would love to know who made them. Appreciate the comment.
  28. How modern? I am still clueless on the possible year or who could make it? Appreciate all the help. thank you
  29. Do you know how modern are we talking about. I am trying to find year of production. THank you.
  30. Hello, antique.empath , can you post a picture. I had a shoe that looks like it was make by this maker but it has a red roof, not like the other brown that I had see. Rose helped me recognize the ma...
  31. Thanks for all the help.
  32. Thank you for all your help.
  33. Thank you very much. I do have one question? I don't understand why the coca cola cookie jar that I had was removed. Is there something wrong with this production, or copywrite? I have no problem with...
  34. Thank you Virginia.
  35. By the way, I do have a huge shoe Cookie Jar and I think that it is the same company.
  36. Thank you very much, I had found it. You are completely right. I do have items marked as mystery items, how do I give you credit? Thanks
  37. Sorry, I was thinking duct tape. That what I get for writing in the middle of the night.
  38. It was rescued from going to the garbage. Crazy what people are willing to throw away. Such an American car. Thank you.
  39. Thank you Katherine
  40. Thank you
  41. I am thinking about dry cleaning, I don't want to make him wet. ( I had destroyed a very cute, antique monkey in the past). Thank you.
  42. Thank you for your respond. He is sewed on the back, I had not even think that there could be a zipper before. It was a pretty handy work with a fishing line, so zipper possibility may work. fishing ...
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Charlie Chaplin seating on the bench.


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