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Levittown, New York

Since I was a teenager my greatest pastime was to go with my sister to one antique store to another, which we would spend hours in each store. I always had the loSince I was a teenager my greatest pastime was to go with my sister to one antique store to another, which we would spend hours in each store. I always had the love for many vintage and antique things. Such as dolls, perfume bottles, teapots/cups, art etc. However, it was my sister who was the big collector and buyer. I just enjoyed going with her and browsing around. Now, I mostly find myself looking on the website for things I love and even occasionally buying. (Read more)


  1. Real Pretty!!!!
  2. Just love it!!!!
  3. Super piece of history!!!!!
  4. I too love the roses and birds. VERY PRETTY!!!!!
  5. Meow Meow!! That's means " LOVE IT"!!!!
  6. Just so ADORABLE!!!!
  7. WOW! an another WOW! IT IS JUST SOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!
  8. Really Pretty!!!!
  9. Hi Agram.m, REAL PRETTY!!! Hope all is fine by you. I had to leave my house due to hurricane Sandy for a couple of weeks, but all is fine now.
  10. I too know nothing about them, but they're soooo cute!!!!!!
  11. Just love them. So PRETTY!!!!!
  12. Love it! I thought Steiff only did Teddy Bears
  13. I'll have a Root Beer Float. It's the only soda I like.
  14. Love them!!!!
  15. Just got back home yesterday, had to leave due to hurricane Sandy. I am going to see if my friend in Arizona knows or can find out anything about your blanket.
  16. Very Pretty!!!!!
  17. Very Nice! One of my best friends happens to be Native American, I will see if maybe she will know something about it.
  18. Sorry I disagree with you, I think she is Beautiful!!!!!
  19. Mani, First that was very nice of walksoftly to let you put it on his post, but I certainly can see why. I said it before and I will say it again.... 'You Are One Talented Lady'. That is the cutest vi...
  20. Hi Mani, I just spotted your above message. Wow that's neat!!! I have to check that out. Thanks for information. But Wait, "Do you think I should put it on Ebay for $2,500. LOL. Believe it or not the...
  21. What a Beautiful Platter!!!!!!
  22. Very Very Pretty!!!!
  23. Very Nice Walksoftly!!! Mani, I Loved the video and also the song. Where do you find such cute video's. If you add me, I am without a doubt 'Dizzy". lol
  24. Very Pretty!!!! Love it!!!! I have one that's like yours, also from Germany. Only mind is packed away needs to be fixed.
  25. Hi AmberRose, I just now had seen what I typed above. I meant to say "A Real Nice "KODAK PICTURE" (not kodax). I really am losing it!!! LOL
  26. It looks like a Charles Wysocki needle point. Very Pretty
  27. I just absolutely love it!!!!!!
  28. Love the middle one~!!!!!
  29. kerry I just notice above what I wrote. What I had meant to say is 'I wish all the best for you and your LOVE ones. Sometimes I type to fast and I don't pay attention to what I'm typing. lol
  30. Thank you AmberRose & miKKoChristmas11 for the nice comments
  31. Thank you BELLIN68
  32. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!
  33. Love the first picture.
  34. Cute little kitten, but I also LOVE the ones you feed. lol
  35. Soooo Cute!!!!!!
  36. How can you not Love it. I love cats, dogs, birds, monkeys, horses, cows, etc. lol
  37. Whoever it is, it is SOOOOOO ADORABLE!!!!!!
  38. Thank you bratjdd good morning to you. Oops I can't believe it, it's after noon already I better start moving my ___ and get some things done around here. lol
  39. Good Morning BELLIN68. Thank you for the love.
  40. You're Welcome!!!! To answer your question... Truthfully no. You look allot younger than I thought you were. Wait a minute, that didn't sound right. You 'are' allot younger, lucky you!!!!! P.S. Your...
  41. Again another late Thank you miKKoChristmas11
  42. A little Late but Thank You miKKChristmas11 for the love.
  43. Hi Agram.m, Very Pretty!!! Hope all is well by you!!!!
  44. You look GREAT !!!!! Love it!!!!
  45. Wow I absolutely LOVE IT!!! No Wait! What am I thinking, I mean a DOUBLE LOVE!!!!!
  46. STUNNING!!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!! If you ever want to trade in your husband, send him my way. LOL
  47. Just BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!
  48. Thank you miKKoChristmas11 for the love and all your nice comments
  49. Very Pretty!!!!
  50. Pretty doll. Love the carriage.
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