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I am a retired avid clock collector. If it ticks, strikes, chimes, or talks, I'm interested. I especially enjoy my cuckoo clocks.


  1. thank you Bruce99
  2. thank you Bruce99
  3. Thanks for looking Bellin68 and Bruce99
  4. thank you bkdavis
  5. well ive been slacking on this one. thank you tttomtucker leighannm hedgewalker vanskyock24
  6. I don't know anything about value on clocks i just know what they want for them in flea markets and antique malls. and to Fhrjr2 your clock might just need a cleaning and oil and maybe new bellows. i ...
  7. Thank you timeless5 , all i know about this time piece is it's marked cornwall classics.
  8. Thank you Bruce99 sorry it's been a year. i was just getting to know show and tell site.
  9. Thank you brassnut
  10. Thanks Kerry10456
  11. Thanks Bruce99, I picked up this one at goodwill for seven dollars about 2 yrs. ago.
  12. Thanks again manikin
  13. Timeless5 it's called aparment is my space and small. thanks for your comment.
  14. Thank you Timeless5 and cowboy60
  15. Thank you Bruce99, I had three grandmother clocks and sold one to a nephew and had three grandfather clocks and sold him one of them and have had to walk away from tw0 grandmother clocks and one tripl...
  16. Nice clock Misty hope you find the weights to it. I know thet are not cheap. most cuckoo clocks i find the weights are misplaced or the pendulum.
  17. Thank you Bratjdd, I dont have any room for more grandmother and grandfather clocks I know they were atleast three i had to just look them over and oh well.
  18. Thank youTimeless5, I do have clocks that are not postedyet.
  19. send to france? well lets see what bruce99 knows about this one. I thought a good clock repair shop could do the repairs it would need.
  20. Hey timless5 you and i dont live in the same neighborhood do we? if so we will have to have a game called lets see who gets there first. l.o.l. love all your clocks.
  21. good luck with your project. Bruce99 will be a lot of help later.
  22. you are right Bruce99 its a nice statuette. would like to see a nice movement in place.
  23. Maybe if he looks on the case bruce99, he might find made in USA or made in china
  24. This would be called a clock case. looks as if had a electric or quartz movement at one time.
  25. Thank you BELLIN68
  26. Thank you lisa
  27. Thank you manikin
  28. Thank you Kerry10456
  29. Thanks Bruce99, glad to have brought memories back to times that we like to remember.
  30. Thanks for your comment. i think i know where that pedal car just might be buried.
  31. now i know where my brown pedal car got off to. the girl i had my eye on got off with it. about the year 1955
  32. That's a nice clock but i would think twice before i sent it off for repair. you should find a repair shop near you for repair. maybe bruce99 will give you more advice. he is on here often.
  33. Thank you Kerry1046
  34. Thank you Kerry 1046 and Bratjdd
  35. Thank you Toolate2 Bruce99 and Rkmontg342
  36. Thank you Bruce99
  37. Bruce99. hit it right on the head. some clock repairman will say just dont bring me a cuckoo clock. some will give you a short story so you will sell it to them cheap and later you will see it for s...
  38. that's a nice clock ashamed the hands are broken. but you can replace them.
  39. Thank you Kerry10456
  40. Thank you Hunter
  41. Thank you cindyjune
  42. Thank you scandinavian_pieces
  43. Thank you Bruce99
  44. Thank you Manikin,
  45. Thank you Guyfrmatl
  46. timesavers clock company or merritt's the might have what you need.
  47. Thank you Bruce99, I bought a grandfather clock about 3 yrs. ago for fifty dollars at our local fleamarket and the lady told me the vender on the end had one that the front glass had got broken but he...
  48. Thank you Kerry10456 and Bellin68
  49. Thank you for checking my clocks out officialfuel yardsalemama ashleycheri and guyfrmatl.
  50. Thank you for looking Guyfrmatl
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