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Im 13 and I collect just about any bicycle pre1985. At the moment my father and I own over 40bicycles, over half of them being pre1985. We have somewhat of a small sIm 13 and I collect just about any bicycle pre1985. At the moment my father and I own over 40bicycles, over half of them being pre1985. We have somewhat of a small shop in the little town of Liberty,SC. I love to ride and take my bikes out every chance I get. (Read more)


Shelby Donald Duck Head Need Info Please - Sporting Goodsin Sporting Goods
1941 Belknap Skiptooth Unrestored - Sporting Goodsin Sporting Goods


  1. It is off of an english bike. Prolly from the late 50s to early 70s. Most likely came on a 3speed internal hub bike, or a 10speed that sits up like a cruiser
  2. *scorpion
  3. Its a flying -O- Otasco. I own a 20in' sporpion muscle bike like it. They are pretty rare. Pretty cool bike.
  4. I would have to say prolly around the mid-40s, great find.
  5. Very cool bike, I have a 1948 Indian Scout which is very similiar. Very fun bikes to ride, Enjoy!
  6. I live right by a scrapyard and I am always saving old bikes. Found a donald duck bicycle last time we dropfed off some metal. I love putting these old bikes back on the road.
  7. wow nice find and great deal. they are very fun to ride and get alot of attention
  8. looks to be from the early 50s, im almost positive it was made by columbia for hiawatha, its not worth but maybe 150 dollars in its condition but if restored could be worth up to 600 or so
  9. its actually around a 35 or 36 mercury her is a link for one,
  10. what do the name tags say on the front and yes both of them a atleast pre1970
  11. where exactly are you located and what is your email??
  12. i see that it is a schwinn is there a name on the chaingaurd and what is it?? i can tell you what its worth with it
  13. haha well thats cool ill be looking forward to seeing them soon
  14. yes it was made by huffman for belknap hardware company rides like a dream suprisingly with the skip-tooth and large sprocket takes hills very easily, it is my favorite one in my collection
  15. haha yeah i know the only tank i have found for it sold for 300 dollars alone lol i will prolly end up selling my 48 indian scout soon and maybe will be able toget ahold of one soon . thank you
  16. the blue and white looks to be a schwinn hollywood, in the condition its in it might bring 60-80 dollars. the other bikes dont look to be worth more than 25 dollars
  17. I wouldnt try to sell it on craigslist but if you tryed ebay you will need to take a copper brilla pad and clean the chrome then get everything thing working(lights,horn,hub,rideable) then you will pr...
  18. and thank you
  19. if i do ill be shure to post pics
  20. It is a jchiggins it is one of the rarest the jchiggins to find i have researched many differnt bicycles and actually have the sales magazines for that bike
  21. it is a early 50s jchiggins boys bike you can find all the parts you need for it on ebay
  22. wow very nice job
  23. they are sumwhat rare but not too rare i have owned a few but you may be able to find some parts on ebay every know and then some come on
  24. hey man yeah i saw that thing on youtube im actually building a 1909 excelsior board track racer which is also on youtube under board track project it looks completely different then it does there ill...
  25. lol you can look it up on ebay the bicycle is a early 50s jchiggins girls bike
  26. well thats cool look at my post its the 1940 belknap I found that on in an old shed of to the side of the road
  27. wow I would for her for months on end for that bike lol
  28. yes it is a jchiggins flightliner I own a couple of them
  29. what I would do if you need the money it take the tag off and sell it and hang the bike up cuz that thing is cool man
  30. wow man that is awesome I go dumpster diving alot and usually the only older bikes I come out with are like schwinn varstiy's and stuff but anyways awesome find
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