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  1. here.s a new thinner one ...they call them spoons ..
  2. I agree with YGHS ,its a body shop tool for fenders or anything round,,no doubt about it
  3. verifies what ...nothing you ever say in here most times is right well i have to go milk Milly ...later
  4. well I'm 76 and my "comprehend" I think is all right, but i can go out to the barn and ask Milly my milking cow to check and see if its working
  6. really .fhrjr2 lol "terribly" .. no not in all cases, just to those that have no clue. I have over 85 lamps many you got.
  7. name should be right on the round wick adjustment..might have to clean it up to see it in your case..
  8. flash back for you ..would be just right for your
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Weapons Wendesday Say Hello to My Little Friend A LAW Rocket Launcher Tube


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