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the kitchen drawers

stuff for food prep -- tools, gadgets, flatware, and all those various utensils and such, including small appliances because they need to go somewhere too...

BEEF. plastic placemat - Advertisingin Advertising
"A. FRENAISE" stainless steel tray - Kitchenin Kitchen
'beans and grains' plastic napkin holder - Kitchenin Kitchen
ONEIDA silverplate punchbowl set - Silverin Silver
CORIAN countertop material sales sample - Advertisingin Advertising
WARM-O-TRAY electric food keeper tile - Electronicsin Electronics
SALTON HOTRAY electric food keeper tray - Electronicsin Electronics
WARM-O-TRAY electric food keeper tray - Electronicsin Electronics
SALTON HOTRAY electric food keeper tray with swivel warmer - Electronicsin Electronics
PORCELIER electric percolator - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
old yellow bakelite salt/pepper shakers - Kitchenin Kitchen
old red decorated salt/pepper set - Kitchenin Kitchen
little metal art-deco salt/pepper - Kitchenin Kitchen
elderly (?) OLD FORGE butcher/carving knive  - Kitchenin Kitchen
WEB PEWTER salt/pepper set - Kitchenin Kitchen
two ACME SAFETY GRATERS - Kitchenin Kitchen
DANISH DOUGH WHISK - Kitchenin Kitchen
old DEXTER carbon steel butcher knife - Kitchenin Kitchen
9pcs old 'church keys' (bottle/can openers) - Advertisingin Advertising
ACE STAINLESS "ServespooN" & "DRAIN 'R CUT" kitchen utensils - Kitchenin Kitchen
"got milk?" - Advertisingin Advertising
small ceramic CANADIAN CLUB pitcher (with a festive bouquet of fondue forks)  - Advertisingin Advertising
another set and a half of FONDUE FORKS - Kitchenin Kitchen
mini PEPSI COLA bottle salt shaker - Advertisingin Advertising
a 'plastic chopsticks' question... - Asianin Asian
more brightly colored FONDUE FORKS! :-) - Kitchenin Kitchen
6pc. set of old bakelite handled stainless steel steak knives - Kitchenin Kitchen
small MCM pewter/formica serving tray by STEIFF PEWTER - Kitchenin Kitchen
mid century modern silver(plate?) & FORMICA serving tray by CRESCENT - Mid-Century Modernin Mid-Century Modern
'coral' colored CANTINAWARE CHINA salt/pepper set - Kitchenin Kitchen
another old syrup dispenser jar - Glasswarein Glassware
a couple vintage [SEARS] COLDSPOT refrigerator/freezer items - Kitchenin Kitchen
4 antique BROWN & BROS. "german silver" spoons - who/what was "ETTIE"??? - Silverin Silver
a handful of plastic chopsticks - Asianin Asian
my favorite RUSSELL rosewood/stainless commercial grade spatulas - Kitchenin Kitchen
two old tin kitchen canisters w/lids - Kitchenin Kitchen
a couple of 'spoon holders' for the stovetop - Kitchenin Kitchen
large heavy glass funnel - Glasswarein Glassware
pair of heavy glass octagonal salt/pepper shakers w/silver caps - Glasswarein Glassware
seven more "Quikut" (steak) knives  - Kitchenin Kitchen
footed oval shaped silverplate serving platter - Kitchenin Kitchen
black bakelite handled bottle/can opener with brass 'crest' insignia - Kitchenin Kitchen
five old tin kitchen grater/slicer utensils - Kitchenin Kitchen
another handful of old serving utensils with bakelite handles - Kitchenin Kitchen
8 pcs stainless fondue forks with colorful handles - Kitchenin Kitchen
three blue bakelite handled table knives - Kitchenin Kitchen
three old(-ish) red-handled kitchen knives - Kitchenin Kitchen
old milk glass NAR-O-FOLD napkin holder (pre-wounded) - Glasswarein Glassware
another pair of mid century modern salt/pepper shakers - Kitchenin Kitchen
10pc 'set' of old stainless flatware with red bakelite handles - Kitchenin Kitchen
two "similar" old stainless serving spoons w/red bakelite handles  - Kitchenin Kitchen
set of 4 long VOOS STAINLESS kitchen/grill utensils - Kitchenin Kitchen
funky old aluminum whistling kettle - Kitchenin Kitchen
old metal nut-chopper with glass measuring cup  - Kitchenin Kitchen
small KESSLER BLENDED WHISKY 'church key' with corkscrew  - Brewerianain Breweriana
glass syrup dispenser jar with green bakelite (?) handle - Kitchenin Kitchen
old wooden-handled meat fork - Kitchenin Kitchen
old(?) PYREX dish lifter with glass handle - Glasswarein Glassware
old hand-crank eggbeater - Kitchenin Kitchen
blue/white graniteware funnel - Kitchenin Kitchen