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not highway, road, or light-up signs

Signs, signs, everywhere a sign. These are examples meant for any/everything *but* actually directing traffic on public roadways, for the most part.

a new 'sign of the times'...??  - Signsin Signs
ST. PAULI GIRL sign - Signsin Signs
plastic haz-mat semi trailer placards - Signsin Signs
a new DANGER  KEEP OUT sign today! - Signsin Signs
a couple quick 'signs of the times' - Signsin Signs
pair of metal JIM BEAM BOURBON logo signs - Advertisingin Advertising
old STAR TOBACCO porcelain enameled advertising sign - Signsin Signs
my newest 'freebie' sign for the collection - Signsin Signs
SATELLITE COFFEE CO. & CAFE' sign, now officially "wall art" instead - Signsin Signs
'smalls on the wall #4 & 5', old REST ROOM sign and mini 'bicycle' nameplate - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
'smalls on the wall #3', plastic WARECO check cashing sign - Petrolianain Petroliana
'smalls on the wall #2' -- pair of aluminum restroom door plaques - Signsin Signs
'smalls on the wall #1', plastic ZEPHYR fuel/oil MEN ('s room) sign  - Signsin Signs
a 'local item' - old SATELLITE CAFE restaurant sign - Advertisingin Advertising
three assorted small office desk/counter/window signs - Officein Office
plastic SKILL CRANE mirrored name panel from an arcade machine - Advertisingin Advertising
BAILEY'S ORIGINAL IRISH CREAM mirror - Advertisingin Advertising
HEINEKEN BEER mirror - Advertisingin Advertising
NIGHTTIME STIRS, with 7&7  - Advertisingin Advertising
pair of COORS LIGHT SILVER BULLET mirrors - Advertisingin Advertising
BOLLA WINES mirror - Advertisingin Advertising
found myself another TELCO 'buried cable' warning sign(s)! - Signsin Signs
(pay)"Phone" booth sign - Telephonesin Telephones
(pay)"Phone Inside" double sided metal sign - Telephonesin Telephones
three embossed metal CORONA EXTRA beer bottle signs - Brewerianain Breweriana
glass TELEPHONE (booth) sign, 1960's - Signsin Signs
a couple more old industrial DANGER signs - Signsin Signs
old SOUTHWESTERN BELL/BELL SYSTEM buried cable warning sign - Signsin Signs
INTRASTATE TEL CO buried cable warning sign - Signsin Signs
rusty FREIGHT ELEVATOR industrial sign - Signsin Signs
one of my all-time favorite (non-road) signs - Signsin Signs
SAKRETE masonry mix sign - Signsin Signs
embossed THORO masonry foundation sealers sign - Signsin Signs