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I collect many items including die cast cars from the 50s-70s. I like old sessions clocks, Ingraham clocks and Seth Thomas clocks. I collect Hot wheels and Louis MarI collect many items including die cast cars from the 50s-70s. I like old sessions clocks, Ingraham clocks and Seth Thomas clocks. I collect Hot wheels and Louis Marx and co. Products. And I also have some die cast models from franklin and danbury mint. (Read more)


  1. @Bruce99 sure thing!
  2. @PhilDMorris Thank you very much! Most of the time I feel confident in what I am doing, especially when it comes to wood, but this project was indeed a challenge!
  3. @Bruce99 thank you Bruce!
  4. @dav2no1 thanks!
  5. Another interesting I would like to comment on, when I got the clock before I had to repant the top, there was a very interesting caption hand painted on the top which read, "Backward turn backward, o...
  6. @Bruce99 thanks a lot Bruce, I always look forward to your comments on my posts. You mentioned that the metal trim had gilt or bronze finish, my clock seems to have a chrome/ steel look to them once I...
  7. (Sorry for the messy workbench) haha
  8. Thats a beaut Bruce!
  9. @Bruce99 Yes this is true Bruce, unfortunately when I bought this clock I was not as informed and knowledgeable about the value of these clocks as I am now, so I ended up paying WAY more than what it ...
  10. @PhilDMorris Thanks for the tip. I will be going back later to touch up the lower corners that have rubbed back to wood, and a few other spots that need touching up. Thanks for your comment! - Gage
  11. @vetraio5o thats kinda what I figured. Thanks anyway!
  12. @MAcowan Anytime, Michael. - Gage Robertson
  13. @MAcowan the model is called ‘Ideal’ the Sessions brand was the successor to the E.N. Welch brand, when the Sessions family decided to purchase it in 1903. So that limits how old your clock would be t...
  14. What a beautiful clock, I have two of the exact same sessions mantle clock you have!!
  15. (On NAWCC i mean)
  16. Wow. Thanks for that response Bruce, I think I will post this exact item for more intricate advice as to what I should do. Thanks a lot, Gage.
  17. Great, thanks a lot Bruce.
  18. (Same as on here)
  19. My screen name is Gage_robertson_collector
  20. Ok Bruce I managed to create an account. What should I do next?
  21. Beutifal clock.
  22. Amazing, great story. Its such a shame that so much of that history was lost to the dumpster. Kudos to you for picking through and saving what you could.
  23. Don't know much about them either but cool lamp! Good for camping with.
  24. Sure thing @Bruce99!
  25. Thank you very much @watchsearcher! The workshop and the tools you see belong to my dad, but we both work hard to make sure everything is clean and organized!
  26. @blunderbuss2 The clock was made in Forrestville, Connecticut.
  27. There are no other holes where the movement is mounted, although there may appear to be some because I had attempted to shift the movement because the winding points were to difficult to access with t...
  28. Thanks for the help bruce, I appreciate it. One thing I will note in addition is after taking the movement out of the case, I could notice that it is in fact a Welch movement
  29. Yes if only @watchsearcher, to answer your question, my dad was an arts major in college and those were some of his pottery pieces.
  30. See what I mean bruce? The speed adjuster is on the top but not the middle. Also, are you sure that the clock would have been made in 1900? I though production was stopped around there because of ongo...
  31. I will make another post and I will include more detail there as to the dimensions, e.t.c. Of the clock.
  32. Hey bruce, when i say hood i mean the face of the clock where the numbers are. The entire section that includes the glass door that opens and the brass trim around the outer edge.
  33. Of course i will share the afters. Thank you for your advice. My main goal for this project was to make the clock look Beautiful while also making it so that it can stay in the family for generations....
  34. I think if i decide to go down the linseed oil route I will most likely apply the finish with a brush.
  35. Just marked it solved! Thanks for letting me know!
  36. Yes if only, thanks bruce
  37. Hey bruce! Thanks for the help! I really appreciate the help. I just wanted to let you know since posting this i dissembled and took the workings out of the clock, after i learned a serial number on t...
  38. Thank you. Indeed it is.
  39. Thanks for the advice!
  40. Thanks! My dad hand-built those workbenches you see in the background. I might post some photos of his basement and tools too!
  41. Thanks, its my dads. No i am not planning on respraying it, i was going to originally because we have a really nice finish sprayer but i think it will look 100 times nicer with a hand rubbed finish.
  42. That is my grandmothers house. I will have to ask her about the fish. Yes I'm realizing now that the patina that was on the clock was pretty cool, but hopefully i can make it worth while and it will l...
  43. I think it may possibly be mahogany but I'm not totally sure. It has a slight red tint to it and the rings are defiantly suggestive of old growth material.
  44. @kwqd Great idea! Im not sure if i will be able to make them but i might be able to find some 1/24 scale figurines online to use.
  45. @fortapache yes, that is a Marx noble night. I am planning to upload a post on that soon.
  46. Thats a shame. Good luck with cleaning it! Im not sure what i will do about the smell in mine but i was considering just putting a piece of a little tree air freshener in there to get rid of the smell.
  47. I didn’t even think of that! Thanks for the idea!
  48. Thank you. Its not perfect, but I tried my best on it!
  49. Very cool!
  50. @Big-Zingo Its super fun to clean them up, the only issue is,you have to be very careful about how you go about doing it. There are so many things on the car that you could easily break off. My sugges...
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