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  1. My profile pic is actually my 1st and to date ONLY rug i've made! I' m swimming in yarns hoping to do more . These can be used either for floor or tables but not both please! Fringe fringe fringe defi...
  2. Finally some insight into this beautiful delicate glass! Thanks guys ... now how bout the blue vase?:) Home Goods? I would love to find another pair of shades to put on a cool married hanging light I ...
  3. Oh my!:) thanks for the loves PhilDMorris. So unlike my husband to do this sort of thing. Hunter gatherer type. Took a spill shoveling our Mi yucky white stuff and was off work . I came home and he t...
  4. Hello thank you both for the info. Sure enuf it was in design MaryH1956 . ho2cultcha I read a very interesting article about garnitures. I suppose this could be that! Now the one article said it coul...
  5. I need to check in more often! Thank u so much I have not thought to look for signature in design , always the bottom . First thing on my list tomm am will be just that! I do hope I find something so ...
  6. some type of live stock feeding container ?
  7. wow this is really neat! Wondering about that red strap and the wire around it
  8. would anyone have a clue about this thing? Looks like a small well at bottom maybe to hold incense or money? I dont know how to test stones to see what they actually are. Thanks!
  9. No boating catagory that I can find
  10. Exactly what I thought! A far cry from what I'm used to collecting :)
  11. that is awesome!
  12. pie bird?
  13. Love for the legend!!! I have great memories of my 80 yr old dad tryin to sing along. What a hoot! Also reminds me of just how old I really am:-). YES scottves. My 34 yr old son now gets my obsession .
  14. oh I was way off!
  15. Just saw h02cultcha post . Uh Oar locks? I kayak and canoe so when I saw the arch It made me think. which has pros and cons! I' m just guessin
  16. Just saw h02cultcha post . Uh Oar locks? I kayak and canoe so when I saw the arch It made me think. which has pros and cons! I' m just guessin
  17. Hi does it fit with other piece? some sort of vice? Or tightner
  18. looks like orbit clocks I've seen on AR. Nice!
  19. Another thought knowing the metal used would be helpful too.
  20. I just read an interesting article about thr Peruvian slave trade. Could it possibly be as efesgirl said an identification # Wow embedded in the apple tree? Would be neat to date the tree. This ones g...
  21. Hi yikes I goin with a stretcher . Champion Funeral Home Ohio.
  22. Lovely check out polychromed ivory just google it
  23. I would love to know what was kept in this beauty very nice and so interesting !
  24. He taught me how to crochet! His huntin buddies razz him but secretly they are jealous:) Its curious to think of our items today becoming antiques. Just had to post Thanks !
  25. Not able to post pick of 2 uppercase KK
  26. Oh I see it now but I'm not finding to much info on studio. I have an old ceiling fixture and wanted to convert to lamp using these beauties . Btw I just discovered CW and cant get enuf! Thanks all J...
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