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Brass Adria Forma coffee grinder. - Kitchenin Kitchen
Tiny Japanese bone or ivory birds - Animalsin Animals
Lloyd Tyler fish plaque. - Folk Artin Folk Art
Italian violin locki thought people would enjoy - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Ornately carved wooden panel from wedding or opium bed - Asianin Asian
The most historical find in the history of antiques. - Advertisingin Advertising
Woven Pre 1940 Native American mat. - Folk Artin Folk Art
Chinese layered and carved glass snuff bottle - Bottlesin Bottles
A great carved wooden bear. - Animalsin Animals
Wooden toy ostrich with attitude - Animalsin Animals


  1. Keramikos, thank you so much for your time and information.
  2. Keramikos, here is information in either Czech or Klingon.
  3. Keramikos, you are correct. Here is a German description address. Still looking for the other.
  4. Sorry, I only have an IPad with me. No matter what I do 90 percent of the time it rotates the photo.
  5. Amazing find.
  6. That is a great lamp with great slag glass coloration. Definitely hard to find one like this.
  7. Although I have never seen one like that, perhaps it’s a shutter dog.
  8. I found it at the Alameda Antique Faire. The seller said she thought it South American but hadn’t checked it out. I guessed not. It was inexpensive, so I walked over to a dealer who specialized in ...
  9. Haha, the expert seems to agree with you. I added the whale part and I stand corrected. I really appreciate your information and the time you took.
  10. It may be too new for a vinaigrette.
  11. Check out if it might be a vinaigrette (not for vinegar). Something that a sponge would be placed inside soaked with perfume. To conceal your or someone else’s odor.
  12. The dog is a setter as they have longer hair than a pointer. They are used to hunt quail, grouse and pheasant and freeze but tremble if you look closely when they smell one of these birds.
  13. This bottle is 3 inches long.
  14. This is the address of a site that tells how to date historic bottles.
  15. Here's two possibilities for the sphinx mark: John Batt & Company, London, England. Joseph Sankey & Son, Bilston, Wolverhampton, near Birmingham, England. They were known for their copper and b...
  16. I was getting bored when this popped up...Now I am jealous.
  17. I am so sorry, I will repost in about 6 weeks with requested photos.
  18. I will post a better photo separately on the main page., I don’t know how to add another picture to an existing post.
  19. I am not home at the moment, but I have some photos that will show the painting better.
  20. Hubley
  21. Really nice job!
  22. I have one with an engraved blade dated 1936 from a Clemson Jr. Sr. banquet.
  23. I bought two today from people who make them. They are moon jellyfish in lucite that they color and add something to make them glow. Not antique, mine were made near San Francisco.
  24. Absolutely unique and striking.
  25. Nice pieces, makes me jealous.
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Wedgwood Glass Sheringham Candlesticks. Jean-Joseph Marie Carriès (Fr., 1855-1894) Stoneware Mask Can anyone identify? Grabber Original Chicago Sun Times Master uncropped Photo of Oswald Assassination. Quart Breezemont Dairy...Brookville Pennsylvania Rhyme Milk Bottle.......... RARE FRIE-ONNAING ART DECO MAJOLICA PIGEON


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