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Yakima, WA

I love old things of interest, at times when I discover things, I am amazed they still exist!


  1. I appreciate the tip, I'll look into refitting it back to original, and the boiled linseed oil! I do want to preserve it!
  2. The galvanized threaded plug, as well as the petcock in the front is what has thrown me off at narrowing down how old it is. The young lady I purchased it from said she was pretty sure it was in the ...
  3. The roached appearance just gives it character!
  4. I couldn't pass it up, I only paid $3.00 for it!
  5. Thanks to both of you for your very nice comments, we really couldn't believe our ears when this very nice woman running the yardsale told us $2.00 for each sled. I just grabbed them both LOL.
  6. Thanks for the very nice comment gingerakesler!
  7. Very much so, its time consuming doing the reasearch, but also fun in finding the info!
  8. In the last day or so, we have found info on the president of the comapany, seems he was shady character to say the least. But, what we are finding also is Los Angele's Creamery pieces are pretty rare...
  9. Have added 2 more pictures to this post, if anyone has any info on Los Angele's Creamery Co, and the aprox. age of this can It would be much appreciated.
  10. That is very cool, not sure if you know where Naches is, but we bought these plates from folks that lived in the Wenas Valley just outside Naches.
  11. Thank you!
  12. No, the secret service is totally different, First Special Service Force, would be like the first Green Beret's, they were made up of US and Canadian trrops.
  13. Your very welcome, and thanks for the feedback, and comments!
  14. And the 1947 First Edition Book
  15. Here is the Eisenhower Jacket, that was with the uniform.
  16. My wife have both looked and there does not appear to have ever had another patch on this jacket, everything looks very original, I also have the Eisenhower jacket, and it can be seen in my list of pr...
  17. No name just the sizes. We also found a bus ticket stub good for military personnel to Ft. Lewis.
  18. An abandoned storage shed.
  19. We aquired this uniform, along with the Eisenhower jacket at an auction, it was packaged away and we discovered it after having the winning bid.
  20. Thanks for the information it's greatly appreciated!
  21. We have one of those reproduction catalogs, and I will check that out, thanks!!
  22. Thank you very much trunkman, the outside material (green area's) is actually a metallic like tin material overlaying wood, I am betting your right on pine underneath the tin like material! Again th...
  23. Wouldn't doubt if some decorations were removed, boxed, and put away. I still have my Dad's WWII Navy uniform, he removed his decorations and put them as I am sure many others did as well.
  24. The other regular dress jacket, pants, 2 shirts, tie, belt still need to have pictures taken of them.
  25. All pockets have been checked, there is an airborne patch on a sleeve, other than that, only item in a pocket is a bus ticket stub for Army personnel only to Fort Lewis, stub #04576.
  26. The case for the book, is a dark blue vinyl, which matches the book. And appears to be about the same age as the book. The book was nicely stored with his complete uniform minus shoes, or boots. When ...
  27. Yes, the name card matches the name in enlisted men in the back of the book, and where his home town was, (not far from here), and I also have his uniform, including the ike jacket with his 1st specia...
  28. I forgot to mention, this book was the personal copy of a member of the First Special Service Force, his name card is attached to the inside of the book. Since I do not know the individual or any of h...
  29. I am not familiar with that model dee, I am thinking a cycle shop, or a shop that restores cycles would be your best to get an appraisial. I don't want to give you a value on something I'm not qualifi...
  30. These were also mass produced in the 50's and 60's, and made to look old as with those made in the 90's, they have been showing up at flea markets, auctions, etc with people trying to pass them off as...
  31. You know I have lived out here all of my life, and never seen anyone fish like that, lol. Thanks!
  32. Very Cool Sign, I think you've got a treasure there!
  33. Those are real piece's of history! I would get an expert appraisal. I have heard of those going for 1,500.00 + each. Pretty nice they were left behind!
  34. Awesome way to go!
  35. Looking over this tricycle again and again, you could be right. I have had several people look at it, and they seem to think very late 50's to early 60's. No one has yet identified it yet as far as ma...
  36. I know its not an original, and just a reproduction, and I know these produced overseas. These are merely home decor, not a tricycle that was ever rode. This individual I purchased this from said she ...
  37. Thanks, I am not sure on the 60's, but I am not an expert by any means, I am 58 and just don't remember the smaller diameter handlebars even when I was a kid. I am thinking earlier than the 60's and h...
  38. Thanks Scott, the individual I bought this from, told me she bought this at an antique show in Portland, Oregon several years ago. Her story was the dealer she bought this from had this item in her co...
  39. Found out it's a 1968 sign.
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