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I am a youtuber who likes to explore old locations to find antiques sometimes with a metal detector.


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Mysterious Bronze Object - Advertisingin Advertising
1920’s-1930’s Porter’s Liniment Bottle - Bottlesin Bottles
Vintage Broach - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Vintage "Time Is Running out, Vote" Pocket Watch - Pocket Watchesin Pocket Watches
Antique Clock - Clocksin Clocks
Souvenir “The Obelisk Central Park New York” Glass Paperweight - Advertisingin Advertising
SC or CS Co. plate - Advertisingin Advertising
Gobel's Quality First Pure Meat Food Products sign - Signsin Signs
1940's Alarm Clock - Clocksin Clocks
Early Lightbulb - Electronicsin Electronics


  1. Also if you try to research them individually by what they say on them you can find plenty of information online
  2. Screw tops actually can be worth money! In fact many are! If you have more detailed pictures I could give you some information
  3. i can't
  4. it seems to be 1860's! heres another example!
  5. thanks for the information!
  6. Thank you for the information! i think you're right!
  7. thanks Gillian! i found one through the link with the same mark and its 1910's!
  8. thanks for the information TubeAmp! do you have any idea what it could be?
  9. See more


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