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1893 Gatling Gun Company  - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Fry “Mae West” 10 Gallon Gas Pump - Petrolianain Petroliana
1930s American National Fire Tower Pedal Car - Model Carsin Model Cars
Six Foot Round Frontier Gasoline Porcelain Sign - Advertisingin Advertising
SUPER RARE 1936 Double-Sided Porcelain Battery Tester with Handle - Petrolianain Petroliana
1932 Sun Oil Company "Two Fisted" Embossed Sign - Petrolianain Petroliana
1950s FRONTIER GAS DOUBLE SIDED SIGN - Advertisingin Advertising
H. E. BUTT Grocery Company  - Advertisingin Advertising
Oak Brunswick Balke Back Bar - Furniturein Furniture


  1. Scott, MANY THANKS! I am NOT restoring, LOVE IT as is too!!!
  2. Rattletrap not sure on age and yes it is a rare one. I know of one more and one sold in Iowa this year.
  3. BB2, see additional description added
  4. BB2, it’s a “blast” to shoot! Takes longer to load than unload....
  5. BB2, Thanks! It is an amazing work of art & we Love it!
  6. Trey/BB2, Thanks! Glad to get it done and in the house! Friend has one, he cut pipe off and converted back to Fry. I like it as it was.
  7. Vynil33rpm, Thanks!!
  8. Lata & Manikin Thanks! I am lucky to have it
  9. Uh, what line? She bought it for me.....
  10. All MANY thanks! Present from my wife!
  11. The picture of sign is in front of original Whataburger in Alice, TX. Remodeled Whataburger over the years.
  12. We got the sign in Alice, Texas. Right before Hurricane Harvey hit.
  13. Trey, we are enjoying the sign, we love it!
  15. HEB is currently a major grocer in South Texas and outsells Walmart groceries https://tshaonline.org/handbook/online/articles/dhh01
  16. Thanks! We love JUNK!
  17. Thanks but not looking to get rid of it.
  18. I have been collecting for ~40 yrs. only ran across 2 Brunswick Cigar Liquor cabinets. Bought both. I saw one in a pic once it was not all original. Will keep you in kind if find another or ever dec...
  19. Condition is Excellent. No, do not have matching Bar. Couldn't fit it in house
  20. Yes, I cleaned this one up and did refinishing touch ups.
  21. We aren't getting rid of them. We haven't set up yellow Brunswick but still love it
  22. Check out other Brunswick Balke Cigar/liquor cabinet I posted too
  23. Check out Brunswick Balke Back Bar in my posts
  24. I still have this and it isn't for sale. Have another one different model may sell.
  25. Coke, Don't know, but it is bolted securely...,
  26. Pickr, thanks, we love the sign too!
  27. Fort, Thanks!
  28. : ) funny
  29. I am getting close to running out of wall space! There's always the ceiling!
  30. Ha! We are the wolves!
  31. Daddy It is dated 1933....I have owned it for long time, bought it that way...I have a few like that, will post another later
  32. Trey cool sign & collection! El Viejo
  33. Trey Thanks! El Viejo
  34. Trey Thanks for all the comments! El Viejo
  35. Do you have more pictures and size of sign?
  36. Rattletrap & zguy2112 thanks for comments!
  37. Stumblingmoose, Bought it at Iowa Gas Show We love it.
  38. Aimathena & fortapache, Thanks, we like the cabinet. We are leaving it as is.
  39. No category for old guns. Sorry
  40. Blunderbuss2 You mean guns? Yes, I will upload soon Dan
  41. Aycockonxion, Thanks for comment, we like them too!
  42. rocker-sd The back bar was part of a Brunswick model Del Monte bar purchased from Brunswick Balke Collender company out of Chicago sometime between 1895-1905 by the Krug brewery in omaha for the ball...
  43. richer-sd Thanks!
  44. Air.cokehunter, Thanks. We were fortunate to find cabinet.
  45. It has been around over 100 years, am sure you may have seen one Dan
  46. Western and Midwestern states
  47. Kevin, Thanks. We like it too! El Viejo
  48. Scott, thank you! We use it to display our wedding items. El Viejo
  49. Scott, thank you! We use it to display our wedding items. El Viejo
  50. Walk softly, thanks! We lucked out when we found it.
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1920's Shell sign