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  1. That logo was used in the 1950's according to this site. Scroll to picture 11. http://www.autofocus.ca/news-events/auto-retro/a-brief-history-of-canadian-tire#
  2. My guess is a bayonet. One used for show rather than practical use. Parades etc.
  3. I owned almost every Andre Norton book when I was younger I love her stuff.
  4. I love this. Great find.
  5. Could be a casserole holder. I have a rectangular one.
  6. My guess is that it's a lug wrench. Probably made for a specific car.
  7. I've got a possibility. "The Wobbler" Check to see if any of them have that on the lip towards the hook. But I'm not sure Wobbler might be a brand name too. There is also a fluted wobbler. Not sure...
  8. I haven't seen those either. I would think they'd have pretty good action but a heavy pull in the water. Are they wood or plastic? I imagine they would act a lot like poppers in the water. It's probab...
  9. I love old grease/oil cans. Many of them were very colorful and had great graphics.
  10. Evil Dead/Bruce Campbell. Love it.
  11. Looking at the smaller pictures I thought it was a recent repaint job. But with the bigger ones I realized it's just remarkedly preserved. Nice find. Just love it.
  12. My mom had one like this. Sans the box.
  13. I have similar to this. I think they are from about the 80's or so. While everything scottvez is true and to a true coke collector these aren't worth anything. I still like mine and I got it real cheap.
  14. It looks to me like this is just one of the styles made. No working parts just a two part mold. It was probably cheaper to make and sell and parents didn't have to buy caps for it. One of the people t...
  15. Love it. I have some fascination with older kitchen utensils. I don't have as old as those but now if I see a S-chopper at least I'll know what it is.
  16. Thanks for the love Jlmam
  17. Very nice those were a big part of music in my day.
  18. If those are cast iron they are desirable. I've never seen one like that Coca Cola one before. Nice.
  19. Union Leader along with several other brands are considered "entry level" collectibles. Usually entry level means less than $20 for tobacco tins. There are some union leader tins that will go for more...
  20. A nice idea to decorate a necessary but unattractive item.
  21. Don't know the date but it is awesome.
  22. That is awesome.
  23. Love this kind of stuff. To me that is beautiful.
  24. I agree, I think it's from a carnival ride of some kind.
  25. Is that the original color?
  26. I really like Skelly stuff. Compared to many of the oil companies there isn't as much out there I don't believe.
  27. It's very faded. It should be a bright orange. I believe it's early 1900's.
  28. My guess would be some kind of fireman's tool. A small hatchet for getting into walls and a hook to remove debris from walls.
  29. portable funeral bed. A lot of times in the past, viewing was done in the home. Funeral homes would bring this in to display the body.
  30. It had been a while since I did any research on the lantern. While most of the red lenses are globes several are ribbed like this one. I could see no reason why there are differences.
  31. As far as I know that is the original globe but I only know what my father-in-law told me. Now that you mention it most of the ones I've seen are clear. It might be a replacement but it would have bee...
  32. Thanks for the love all.
  33. The first photo is probably the Colorado Fuel & Iron company. http://scalar.usc.edu/works/pueblo-sports-/cfi-baseball The third might be one of the many Des Moines Iowa teams. Maybe a precursor ...
  34. Very nice. More ornate than most older ones. Most of the time they were just functional not fancy.
  35. The bike Mike Wolfe posted id the same bike. Same background, same dirt on tires, same chips. Someone posted a closeup of your pic somewhere and he saw it. LOL so funny.
  36. That is so awesome.
  37. I found several. All in online auctions. Most of the auctions stated it was from the 30's but that might not be accurate.
  38. I could spend hours in there looking around. Freakin' fantastic.
  39. I'm not sure about this but I don't think this is a military box, at least not how I would think of them. I think was shipped to Jeffersonville Quartermaster Depot in Indiana filled with holloware. Wh...
  40. It's nice when you hit an auction that the stuff you like is what no one is bidding. Doesn't happen often to me but when it does it's great. I've never had it happen with promo cars though. I've bi...
  41. Is it possible they are paperweights?
  42. Thanks for all the loves all
  43. Thanks for the love brunswick jscott CaperKid fortapache and for the comment Tassie
  44. Bathroom scale but can't tell much with only the one pic and not a pic of the whole thing.
  45. Thanks for all the love all.
  46. Thanks for all the love and comments all.
  47. Love popeye. Great colors on the pin.
  48. It's not dirty I promise. The "fetish" part sounds bad.
  49. I couldn't find a match but you may want to try here if you haven't. http://www.tricyclefetish.com/index.php
  50. Thanks for the love fleafinder Tassie Nevada fortapache and the comment
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