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I LOVE CLOCKS!!! The picture is one of my other loves, I have one Great understanding husband, 9 children & 7 grandchildren, 2 horses(another love,) 2 dogs & 2 cats.I LOVE CLOCKS!!! The picture is one of my other loves, I have one Great understanding husband, 9 children & 7 grandchildren, 2 horses(another love,) 2 dogs & 2 cats. I love them all, I have been truly blessed. (Read more)


  1. Thanks Slackjack. love the site.
  2. Bruce99, where are you?
  3. pw-collector, took a few more pics maybe they are better. thanks
  4. pw- collector Thanks for the info, I'll try & post a clearer pic, you got further than I did. I really don't want to open up the back of the clock since it runs well. Thanks again, I'll try to look it...
  5. Just trying to find who the maker is, love this little clock.
  6. Thank you ho2cultcha for the info. Going to a art store this week, if I find out anything I will post it.
  7. Hoping to identify artist.
  8. Thanks for the info clockfreak.
  9. Thank you onegoodfind. I'm not good at taking pics but I will try again. A friend told me to send the pics to Skinners , it's a auction house. Guess I'll have to do some searching on line.Thank you fo...
  10. Thank you Manikin for that info. Yes it is very crudely made.Would love to be able to date it. Can't ask my mom, she passed away & I was cleaning out her house. Found 3 Violins too. My mom was a tag &...
  11. Hi Bruce, thanks for the quick response. I was hoping you would answer. :) Looks like gold leaf over some kind of metal. How are you doing? Happy New Year. Haven't been on due to my husband having a f...
  12. Niceeee!
  13. Hi Dave, Sure I'll try to post one Thursday. Love New England Clocks!
  14. I call it Beautiful! nice piece, that is a wonderful watch to have. Sorry I can't help you but I'm sure someone will chime in:) Enjoy!
  15. Hi Bruce, it's definitely metal, I just don't know what kind.Hoping you would know . Thanks
  16. Thanks for the love Bellin68 & toolate2
  17. Thanks Bruce, I know it's really thin. Do you have any idea's as to what the face is made of?
  18. thanks for looking Bruce & Mustangtony
  19. thanks for the love Bruce & Mustangtony, maybe one day I'll find that other dancer.lol
  20. Why thank you Bellin68 !
  21. Thank you for the love Bruce,AmberRose,pw-collector,Kerry,PhilDavid & Mustangtony !
  22. thank you Manikin !
  23. thanks for the love Bruce, PhilDavid & Mustanytony!
  24. It's a Gilbert Black box Clock. Bruce is right. I like Gilbert clocks but The Black box is common and a low end Gilbert Clock.I have a few. I like the colors on yours. Nice clock.
  25. Did u look up Waterbury Clock Co. Waterbury, Ct.?
  26. Wow! beautiful clock, Waterbury made some nice clocks but I never saw one like yours.
  27. I think your right about the restoration Bruce. Nice job on the dial.
  28. ok heres my 2 cents,after Hoadley in 1813, he marketed his clocks under Seth Thomas, Plymouth Hollow 1813-53 then it became Seth Thomas Clock Co. Plymouth Hollow 1853-65 than Seth Thomas Clock Co. T...
  29. Thanks for the love pw,kerry,Bruce &officialfuel!
  30. Thanks for the love Kerry,toolate2,Bruce & Bellin.
  31. Thanks for the love Kerry, Bellin & Bruce.
  32. Wish I was a better clock person, I tinker but simple things. you people on this site have been very helpful, thank you.
  33. Thanks Bellin, me too.
  34. Good one Vetraio50!
  35. Thanks Vetraio50. my eyesite must be going, I could not make it out & theres no other markings on it. Do you know where they are made? Thanks again for the info.
  36. Thanks for the info Bruce,Thanks for the love eye4beauty, Hunter & AR8.
  37. Thanks for the love,Bruce,AR8 & Vetraio50
  38. Thanks for the love Bruce.
  39. I'm great! I'm enjoying my favorite passtime, looking at all the different ways to tell time..........love it! Thanks for the love Bellin.
  40. Thanks Bellin, & so do you. I checked out a couple of them. Very nice....
  41. Thanks 4 the love Olegaclockman & Bellin.
  42. Thanks 4 the love Bruce, Bellin & kerry.
  43. Thanks 4 the love & info AR8!
  44. Thanks Bellin, Bruce & packrat-place !
  45. Your right Bruce. Born & raised with them all my life & still am. I guess where I come from clocks are in my blood too. lol
  46. Thanks Bruce!
  47. Thanks again Bruce & Kerry.
  48. Thanks 4 the love Bruce & olegaclockman
  49. thanks 4 the love bratjdd!
  50. Thanks 4 the love pw-collector & PhilDavidAlexanderMorris. Yes it always makes me smile.
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