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san francisco

Hi, my primary interest is American and German clocks 19th century clocks. I have a fairly decent collection in the works. I have always enjoyed good vintage, antiquHi, my primary interest is American and German clocks 19th century clocks. I have a fairly decent collection in the works. I have always enjoyed good vintage, antique, and true 17th & 18th century period pieces, just can't afford the that latter! (Read more)


  1. Hi, Your clock is identical in every aspect and detail to the New Haven Regulator CC model. Even the glass is strictly 'New Haven'. I wish I could attach a picture... Regards, Tutzie
  2. awright Kerry! Dig up that picture ~ can't wait to see it!
  3. Yes indeed pops, it does have a low key mellow tone. Glad you enjoyed seeing this Vienna regulator, and once again, thank you for the love.
  4. Thanks so much to crazycharacter, vanskyock24, SEAN68, blunderbuss2, officialfuel, and aghcollect for stopping by to show the love! Fun to share with you all!
  5. Bruce99! OMG that is so funny! I have to at least see at least a portion of that mini-series... I didn't think even a TV character could be as nuts as I am when it comes to clocks. I do have an ador...
  6. and thank you Kerry for the LOVE!
  7. Hi Kerry, I live in a very, very small SF apartment. Clocks are displayed everywhere with the exception of the bathroom! And I even find room for artwork :) Right now, I'm guessing around 30 that ar...
  8. Time to Repair clock is beautiful!
  9. Much thanks to geo26e, vanskyock24, inky, pw-collector, and bruce99 for taking a gander and enjoying the Anglo American clock.
  10. Kerry10456, your comments and love hits are always appreciated!
  11. DrFluffy, aghcollet, pops52, shawnicus thank you all for the loves!
  12. I'd love to put these charming keys in a little antiquey shadow box type frame, maybe arranged on a velvet background. They are so pretty!
  13. Hi inky, Yes, your pretty oak shelf clock is definitely American and produced by the Wm. Gilbert Clock Company. Note Wm. on the partial label and the G in the center of dial. The dial appears to me ...
  14. Yes, inky, please let me and all of us know what the partial label reads and give us a little description of the clock! I am only visiting CW on a limited basis as I am on jury duty now...
  15. Hi inky, Your clock may be 'similar' in appearance or size, but yours is by far a much better clock produced by Gustav Becker - and it's WEIGHT driven, which is better, not spring driven like mine. ...
  16. This piece takes my breath away it is so &%$# EXQUISITE! Your bright crisp images of it are just perfect, too.
  17. Love the "loves" from Belltown, geo26e, Manikin, vanskyock24, inky, fortapache, walksoftly, and aghcollect. Always fun to share this crazy clock with ya'll.
  18. Appreciate the love PhilDavid! I agree with your comment and I bet is was a very pretty Harvest style frame.
  19. Hi Kerry and Bruce... thanks guys for the love! Kerry, I hope you don't have a shmoo clock... that's one Lux clock I couldn't be bothered with. Preferred all the fun syroco clocks. Bruce, this mod...
  20. Oh yeah, Los Angeles and San Francisco mentioned together in the same breath? 'That dudn't work so well, blunderbusss :)
  21. You're right, it was a fair price and to see this gal smile was all the better. Thanks for the love on this clock! And how I love the old man's "secret" to immortality! Very funny!
  22. Very, very cool! The island that is! As far as cringing goes, it's not "Frisco" it's San Francisco...
  23. Hi antiquelady, you can get a little round Ingraham pendulum bob on Ebay anywhere from $5-$10 depending upon whether it's a reproduction weight or a vintage old weight. They weigh under 2 ounces. Pe...
  24. Appreciate the love of this big ol clock from you guys! Thanks Bruce99, pops52, aghcollect, and vanskyock24
  25. Hi there vetraio50, gargoylecollector and lisa... your love 'hit' on this clock is appreciated!
  26. Great to read your expert comment on the Ingraham mantel clock, Bruce99! Appreciate the 'love' on this little banjo clock. The scary part was sliding the dial and movement back into the case.
  27. Kerry, I'm laughing so hard I can barely type! The &%# state of CA is going to conduct a 'garage sale' for $$ for the City coffers if I don't do something... oh, shoot, I think I'll live forever inst...
  28. Thank you Kerry for the love on this one! It was an 'ok' price way back then, but clocks took a real HIT when the economy took a nose dive. Today, this clock really isn't worth much more than I paid...
  29. Yikes blunderbuss, you don't definitely don't want this paint $$! The Jimmy Dean on the other hand sounds good. And now your going to hoard it! Exactly where is your 'island?' South Seas? or? Is ...
  30. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!
  31. Appreciate you stopping by to take a looksee geo26e and RenewedAspirations, and thanks a bunch for the 'loves' !
  32. Blunderbuss www.modernmasters.com/ for all products?
  33. Thanks DrFluffy, glad you like it! And Blunderbuss, you can shorten the name to Modern Master Metal Effects.
  34. and where the %*#@ is Bruce99!? Need help here!
  35. Appreciate the love(s) from both of you aghcollect and shawnicus!
  36. Oh, and whenever I say 'you guys', that includes girls, too!
  37. Inky, pops and blunderbuss! Very kind of all you guys for the super nice and very undeserved comments on the restoration. Okay, blunderbuss2, you asked.... The terrific paint is Modern Masters Metal ...
  38. Thanks for the love on this Kerry and there are not too many freebies out there that's for sure. The restoration will suffice for me.
  39. adorable clock that I'd hang in my kitchen!
  40. Blunderbuss2 and Kerry10456 chimed in together with a love of this clock, so thank you both very much!
  41. Okay, here goes wwwwwwhhhhhhiiiiiiirrrrrrr and so on! Thank you for your kind comments as always!
  42. Along with Sessions, could also be an earlier E.N. Welch
  43. Kerry, I don't even think about myself (re: clocks) most of the time. I couldn't kick the heroin addiction, so I decided to collect clocks instead and got addicted to that. Just kidding about the her...
  44. No question that not every maker stamps the movement all the time. I brought a clock into my clock guy's shop in SF. I said, what the heck is this? He responded, it's New Haven. He just knows and it...
  45. Oops, take that all back because I 'think' I see the pendulum bob loop hanging there! As far as a guess is concerned as to maker, could be Sessions or possibly Ingraham. When I've had a stubborn and...
  46. You will need to hang the pendulum bob (usually a small round weight with a metal loop on it) on the narrow grey metal rod with the U-shaped 'hook' that is hanging down just below the movement. You ...
  47. Thanks ya'll for sharing the love for this cuckoo clock,,, much appreciated!
  48. Glad to share this clock with you all and thanks for the 'love' valentino97, pops52 and aghcollect
  49. Thanks for the love toolate2 and taking the time to view this Seth Thomas clock~
  50. Hey windwalker and DrFluffy thanks for viewing and the love. btw, that 'handle/name' DrFluffy is such a hoot!
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From at least 30-40's electric cherub mantel clock Great grandmother clock Regulator Wall Clock RIP  Mason Sullivan Clock


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