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I love glass but have limited "collections". Two patterns of depression glass: Columbia, by Federal Glass; and American Sweetheart by MacBeth-Adams(?) --- both veI love glass but have limited "collections". Two patterns of depression glass: Columbia, by Federal Glass; and American Sweetheart by MacBeth-Adams(?) --- both very large collections. The rest are odds/ends that I have liked/purchased or were gifts. Some few pieces of old pressed glass...not a large collector as most of you seem to be. I am also a floral designer, both out of my home and for the local Hobby Lobby. (Read more)


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A German Box Clock?? - Clocksin Clocks
"Chimer" Clock - Clocksin Clocks
My Clocks - Clocksin Clocks
Tall Clock - Clocksin Clocks
American Sweetheart Depression Glass - pink - Glasswarein Glassware
Indiana Glass (?) Punch Set - Red Sunset - Glasswarein Glassware
Very old Pressed Glass Bowls/Dishes - Glasswarein Glassware
Unmarked Mayonnaise set - Glasswarein Glassware
Two Antique Cake Plates - Glasswarein Glassware
Bedside Water Set - Glasswarein Glassware


  1. Here they are...maybe you might see something.
  2. I did more research last night at and the back plate on the similar Seth Thomas clocks was very different from the back plate on my clock....
  3. ...or is it MacBeth-Evans? Maybe I haven't recovered my brain.... Peavie
  4. Just recovered my brain...the maker is McKee. Peavie
  5. Whoops! Meant to add that if this little dish has a circular ridge on the serving side, then it is a "butter bottom" and should have a domed cover that fits nicely within that circle. Peavie
  6. Paul has an amazing knowledge of this subject. He helped me with my questions some time ago. I have a large collection of the "Columbia" by Federal Glass (1938-1942). Began with two small plates ...
  7. The three footed bowls are the "American Sweetheart" pattern, but I do not have my reference book with me and cannot recall the maker. That's as close as I can come right now. I have a large col...
  8. Hope your surgery went well and pain is minimal. Thanks!
  9. Belated thanks, TallCakes. I have been out-of-net for over six months...Husband had three bypasses and an aortic valve replacement 2 Jan...contracted a staff infec which attacked the new valve, and t...
  10. How about "Only Love Can Break the Heart"!
  11. I have the same (I believe) pattern listed w/photos, Indiana Glass #123, in Red/Sunset; the bowl, the stand, a large platter and four cups. Would love to get four more cups for the set. It's amazi...
  12. Lynda....when I found out this information, I made arrangements for it to be returned to the family (a granddaughter) who was thrilled to get it.
  13. Lynda, found this is Pattern: ATHLONE by TIFFIN/FRANCISCAN [TIFATHL] Pattern #: 17301 Description: STEM #17301, CUT Manufacturer Status: Discontinued Actual: 1945 - 1967 as advertised at Replaceme...
  14. I recently decided to give this as a Wedding Shower Gift to a young woman who seemed to appreciate antiques. If she did not, her mother-in-law (to be at that time) did!
  15. This shape and color remind me of my "American Sweetheart" depression glass collection. Quality not as good as your sweet dish, and mine are not frosted, but still nice.
  16. No markings that I can find on mine. Could that be because it is older than those mentioned above?....given to me as a wedding gift in 1970.
  17. Thank you, again, Mr. Paul71....I have never been able to get any info for them. 1918 would be in the time frame for my Grandmother...died in her 90s during the 1950s. I have treasured them and now ...
  18. Thank you, TallCakes. So the pattern is Heirloom and color is Red/Sunset. Any thoughts about the date?
  19. They truly are.
  20. Much appreciation, Sir!!
  21. Corsage fits....thank, Sir! My squash pickles look beautiful in it at Thanksgiving each year.
  22. always piques the curiosity of our guests. This will be great to pass on to them.
  23. Thank you, again, Mr. Paul, and also Tall Cakes...I love your Photo
  24. Oh goody, goody....I can tell you a little about the first (on far left) one in the picture. My mother collected S&H Green stamps in the 50s/60s, back when they actually had redemption stores located...
  25. Here I go revealing my ignorance, but why do these make me think of coffee served in diners many years ago?
  26. Mystery solved.
  27. Thank you, thank you! Had no idea, but it is in perfect condition.
  28. TallCakes, you sure know your stuff. It is Indiana Glass, pattern #1009, known as "Teardrop", made from 1950-1980, now discontinued. Thanks!
  29. Thanks! I will check it out.
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Tiffin #15310 Center Handle Server


posted 2 months ago