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Early Cast Iron Collector. 1800's American Industrial Age


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Ornate Spiders - Kitchenin Kitchen
Spiders of the 1800s! - Kitchenin Kitchen
Stoves of the 1800s - Kitchenin Kitchen
Early American Iron Biscuit/Cookie Presses. - Kitchenin Kitchen
Early Cast Iron Spiders Pre 1880 - Kitchenin Kitchen
School Desk with Chair - Furniturein Furniture
Two Student School Desk - Furniturein Furniture
Vollrath Enamelware - Kitchenin Kitchen
1912 Teddy Roosevelt Election Bandanna/Hankerchief.  - Advertisingin Advertising
Ohio Art Globe 1929 - Officein Office


  1. The Stove with the Eagle is often seen in Museums.
  2. Some have little tabs and others don't the name "Spider" applied to all frying pan through the 1800's up to the 1930's.
  3. How do you know they are from that date range. I have 8 different designs.
  4. Lodge 4 in 1.
  5. English made.
  6. Incense Burner. I have one. Made in Japan. Some marked "Japan" on them. Usually the handle is broken on these. There is a few more styles (designs) out there.
  7. Whoever bought the Griswold #2 for 350 got a deal when they easily go for over a thousand. This pan on the other hand has little collector value but will work just fine in any Kitchen. Most likely Bir...
  8. not rare and not very Collectible.
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