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Early Cast Iron Collector. 1800's American Industrial Age


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Ornate Spiders - Kitchenin Kitchen
Spiders (Fry Pan or Skillet) of the 1800s! - Kitchenin Kitchen
Stoves of the 1800s - Kitchenin Kitchen
Early American Iron Biscuit/Cookie Presses. - Kitchenin Kitchen
Early Cast Iron Spiders Pre 1880 - Kitchenin Kitchen
School Desk with Chair - Furniturein Furniture
Two Student School Desk - Furniturein Furniture
Vollrath Enamelware - Kitchenin Kitchen
1912 Teddy Roosevelt Election Bandanna/Hankerchief.  - Advertisingin Advertising
Ohio Art Globe 1929 - Officein Office


  1. The Stove with the Eagle is often seen in Museums.
  2. How do you know they are from that date range. I have 8 different designs.
  3. Lodge 4 in 1.
  4. English made.
  5. Incense Burner. I have one. Made in Japan. Some marked "Japan" on them. Usually the handle is broken on these. There is a few more styles (designs) out there.
  6. Whoever bought the Griswold #2 for 350 got a deal when they easily go for over a thousand. This pan on the other hand has little collector value but will work just fine in any Kitchen. Most likely Bir...
  7. not rare and not very Collectible.
  8. 35-50 Dollars. For rarity (being marked) than anything. Nice.
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