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Wichita Kansas

est 1994 born on the west coast, current living in the Midwest. My grandparents on my fathers side have been antique collectors for quite some time, my father has beest 1994 born on the west coast, current living in the Midwest. My grandparents on my fathers side have been antique collectors for quite some time, my father has been going to thrift stores and various sales since I can remember. I use to not have much interest in collecting or reselling items and would wait in the car telling my father to please hurry... As I got older I started going to the sales and was very surprised with what I was able to find and actually thought it was quite fun. I just found out about this site thanks to Efesgirl and I'm happy to share my future finds with everyone. (Read more)


  1. It does have that copper look to it, Good eyes and way to not overlook nice find very pretty.
  2. Haha you all are funny, good conversation piece, nice find Bonnie :)
  3. Lol yeah blunderbuss I'm not sure about that. Thank you Hamish and melaniej! I'm glad you like it :)
  4. Very nice, beautiful necklace Bonnie, you scored yesterday :D
  5. Great buys :D
  6. Great hunting Bonnie! Way to go :)
  7. Thanks for the love Bonnie and nutsabotas6, I'm glad you like it.
  8. Nice find, hope you solve your mystery :D
  9. Sweet :)
  10. Beautiful bangle bracelet, great buy :)
  11. Radical, I just bought a set also!
  12. Thanks Manikin and billretirecoll! How cool I'll go check out Hippies post Bill :)
  13. Thanks Thomas! I checked some out roddyq I got a pretty good deal, to bad they don't have original boxes but oh well :)
  14. Thank you for the love iggy! Wow I didn't know they made them that big, how cool!
  15. Lol yup she sure did Caperkid, she's been great help definetely thanks for the welcome :)
  16. Sweet I didn't know about that.
  17. That's a nice looking Brooch Bonnie. Interesting hallmark also, nice buy :)
  18. Thanks for the love ho2cultcha I think it's quite cool :)
  19. Thanks Bonnie & Rockbat, I agree Rockbat I like it as well, I can usually tell when a piece is Frankoma just by looking at it, this is the smallest piece I have ever found I was happy about that :). I...
  20. Okay thanks for the info Valentino97
  21. Pretty mirror! Very neat.
  22. Precious :)
  23. Cool bank, great story :)
  24. Thanks for sharing the pics, love them!
  25. Great thrift shop find, way to go Bonnie!
  26. Great find I love this.
  27. Beautiful and definitely old! Nice one
  28. Great find for a great price!
  29. Awesome!
  30. Those colors!
  31. Awesome love these old pipes
  32. Beautiful glaze for sure! Nice piece.
  33. 5lb wow! Very cool :)
  34. Great phone, great find :)
  35. Cool find, I love mini figures.
  36. Sweet glasses :)
  37. Okay thank you Efesgirl, Mystery solved!
  38. Yeah Czechglass5I agree, they just look feel like quality and usually pieces I've had with fake Turquoise all the stones look very similar.I hope they are genuine, thanks for sharing. Valentino97 yea...
  39. Thanks Efesgirl I agree I've had to many pieces of fake china jewelry I will have to test this baby. Katherinescollections, yes you are right lol thanks :)))
  40. Thanks Efesgirl! Yeah I remember you saying they could be howlite but I think that they are real Turquoise, at least I hope they are, i just sold them online ????
  41. I love old glass pieces like this, sweet buy.
  42. What a awesome thrift shop find, that's so cool, nice!
  43. Good job, nice spoon :))
  44. Sweet, nice job cleaning it :)
  45. Nice Efesgirl I'll give it a shot :)
  46. Haha I don't know where you have seen this Bonnie. ;) yeah I don't even know what to type in when searching this bracelet but it's very pretty. I will post that tennis bracelet later, its marked R 925...
  47. Awesome pieces together keep your eye out for some earrings and you've made your own set,very cool! The bracelet stones look like little bouncy balls haha :)
  48. I forgot my password to this site, just got it back lol. Thank you all for the feedback, hey Bonnie! I was trying to find you on here glad to see you found me :).
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