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  1. He's holding a brooch clasp in one hand, and the type of push pin needed to attach this kind of clasp. Given that he's looking at the pin, and is box shaped, I think he represents a nail or screw or ...
  2. By the way, you should clean the verdigris off this piece, and keep it away from other jewelry, it can spread to other pieces.
  3. The domed shape, dog-tooth prongs and cupcake settings speak more to me of Schreiner, or made in Austria, both often unsigned.
  4. What a beauty! The art glass dangle and the bead caps with the petals reminds me very much of pieces by Schreiner.
  5. The figure is boxer John Sullivan.
  6. This is the mark of a company called Marshal Metal Manufactory, a Korean company who made jewelry, belts and other stuff in the 1980's.
  7. Fabulous!
  8. I don't think this a Native American piece. The bird is a Quetzal, and is a popular motif used in both Mexican and Guatemalan jewelry.
  9. I can't speak to the age of this ring, but it's from the Independent Order of Odd Fellows. From wiki: The Independent Order of Odd Fellows in the US has three levels of "Lodge": the Lodge,[31] the...
  10. Thanks, Efesgirl!
  11. It's very strange, but since I posted the reply above, the auction I linked to wass been removed. Suffice to say, it was for a buckle identical to this one.
  12. The description on this auction translates to "Rare San Francisco Fire Dept. brass belt buckle signed Fennell 201/500. Could only find one other buckle like this on Google and his was not signed. The ...
  13. I see these being identified online as made by Cameron Clay Potteries.
  14. St. Andrews Pottery , California.
  15. I'm very fortunate to have Robin Deutsch as an online friend and teacher. According to her, this mark remains a mystery, which many people have been trying to solve for years. In a discussion last wee...
  16. Correct, they didn't produce the glass, stones or lucite components. They bought domestically, but also imported from all over the place, not just Czechoslovakia. This is a great link with much better...
  17. You're Welcome! Not surprised these turned up in a button group, they were often made with Czech glass.
  18. I think this is a WWII sweetheart brooch, worn by someone whose loved one was a medic.
  19. These are earrings, made by either the Castlecraft or Hillcraft Company. The backs are specific to them.
  20. Forgot to add that you can get a free verification here: Several of the dealers there are exp...
  21. What a find! This is definitely a Max Neiger Egyptian revival Czech brooch. This exact pin recently sold on eBay for $865.00. The Neiger brothers studios were in Gablonz, Czechoslavakia and they were ...
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